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Figure In The Door

Katy, TX, USA
August 2011

The night of this story I was staying at a friend’s house. At the time, I hadn’t heard about some of the other weird things that had happened in the house like disembodied voices or things flying off the desk or running across the floor.

It was about five in the morning when the following story happened. I had been having trouble sleeping but had managed to catch about an hour of sleep. My friend had already fallen asleep, her brother and her dad were both out of town so we were alone in the house.

The first thing I remember when I woke up is the sound of heavy footsteps on the floor. It sounded like whatever feet were making the noise were wearing work boots. At first I thought it was her dad returning home even though he works about six hours away during the week. I just closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. About ten minutes later and I still wasn’t able to go to sleep. I sat up in bed and looked through the bedroom door. The doorway to the bathroom was clearly visible from my friend’s room. The bathroom light was on even though it hadn’t been before hand and standing in the doorway was the figure of a very large man.

At first I figured that maybe my friend’s brother had come back for something, since he is a pretty tall guy, so I just turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Having been the victim of a home invasion myself a few years earlier I began to worry that something was wrong.

When I got up to check the living room everything was normal. The next morning I asked my friend if it were possible that her brother had come over during the night she said no because he didn’t have a key to get in.

My friend thinks that many of the weird things that happen in the house are because of her mother who had died in the house about two years ago. Even though this was the first time I had spent the night at her place, the house always felt ominous to me and her mother’s death doesn’t explain the large male figure I saw.

Katy, TX, USA
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