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Figure In The Hall

Adam Buky, KY, USA
October 2009

I was around 8 years old. We just moved into a new house. It wasn't a particularly old house, but it wasn't new either.

It was 1994. I shared a room with my brother. For weeks after we moved in, every early morning around 5 or 6 (I knew this because it was before I got up for school) I would hear scratching on my bed post. It was always on the left top bed post. Always. I always just covered my face with my blanket until it stopped. After another week or so of this I finally saw what was causing it.

I woke up and it was dark outside. I'm guessing it was a little after 3. I looked over and my brother was gone. I remember the room being very cold, which I now know is a tell- tale sign of spirit activity. I got up to go find him. I glanced in my other brothers room directly across the hall and he was gone too. I started walking up the long hallway to my mother's room.

Out of nowhere, in my peripheral vision I saw a figure just standing against the wall. It was a white somewhat glowing form. It had no facial features I could make out, but there was a blackness where there should have been eyes. It did have two arms and two legs. I didn't stand around to study it very long because I bolted up the hall to my mother's room and dove into her bed. I buried my face in a pillow and waited.

I gathered the courage to look up and there, crawling toward me on all fours, was the figure. It was crawling slowly but it was definitely coming toward me. That is when I screamed out. My mother awoke and turned the lamp on her night stand on. The figure was gone. Also in the bed were my two brothers which makes me think the very presence of the figure had some sort of effect on their mood even though they didn't see it. After than night, I never heard the scratching on saw the figure again.

Adam Buky, KY, USA
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