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Chanda Wright, West Virginia, USA
March 2003

Sitting at home on January 27th, I was alone and working at the PC. I was totally involved in what I was doing and suddenly I felt the soft touch of a hand on my head, a stroke on my hair! I immediately reached up and grabbed it-- and (guess what) FELT FINGERS. It was a man's hand the fingers large and felt like an older mans with kind of gnarled old fingers. I swiveled my car very quickly and shouted "You startled me!" My next thought was that I had startled him whoever he was. I felt like that spirit was walking across the room away from me, and apologized to the ghost for perhaps frightening it as well. I thought how incredible it was that I had actually felt the hand and how much energy it must have taken for the ghost to do that to me.

I can only hope it will happen again.

Chanda Wright, West Virginia, USA
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