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Finley's Haunted Bar and Grill

Dana Mierkey, CA, USA
February 2010

Finley's bar and grille, smack dab in the middle of farm land is the last of the mom and pop operations complete with its own entity who has resided there for the 16 years that Debra Finley and husband Mark have owned the place. I felt a heaviness of energy years ago when I stopped in for a delicious lunch and wanted to ask if it was haunted at that time but felt it was inappropriate as the place was full inside and in the garden with customers.

Recently on a day off I just popped in Finley's, introduced myself then asked the owners if they have experienced paranormal activity. They were taken aback and wanted to know who told me. After establishing I wasn't too crazy, just curious if they could validate my feelings, they both opened up and shared the personal experiences they and their staff have had for the 16 years they have owned the business. This was great news as I am a paranormal investigator and wanted to see if my new friend Tabatha Vega owner of G.R.I.P (Ghost Research Investigations of the Paranormal) and I could possibly bring some of our team in to do an investigation. Though it was a first for Debra and Mark letting investigators in they agreed so we came back on a Saturday night with equipment and did a full investigation.

Involved in the investigation was G.R.I.P founder Tabatha Vega and her 14-year-old daughter Tyrah, investigator Eileen Verhulst, and myself, Dana Mierkey. The events that occurred were exciting and quite a thrilling hot spot of activity. From the minute we got there at 9 pm my cell phone turned itself on three times in a 15 minute period, my camera wouldn't function correctly and at the same time this is occurring a voice on Tabatha's recorder that she left running when we first stepped in the building is heard to say "I'm right here" .

Tabatha calls out in the first half hour of being there, "Is there anyone here ? Can you please make a noise?" A rustling sound is heard coming from the kitchen followed by a very loud crash as a large pot placed upon hooks on the ceiling came crashing down startling everyone. Tabatha reacted immediately and went to the kitchen and was using her school teacher voice asking it to make a noise again. She conversed saying the crash of the pot didn't scare but excited her and encouraged the unseen entity to do it again.

EVP caught on audio, was a whisper that sounded male and said, "No." Tyrah then stepped forward and in her gentle coaxing manner asked the entity to move the spoons, EVP caught on audio was another whisper which says "I can't." We had a rewarding investigation and obtained some good evidence.

Dana Mierkey, CA, USA
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