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Fireball Ghost

Jenny M, New Hampshire, USA
January 2001

Ihave had a number of unusual experiences that seem to be of a paranormal nature, but this is the only time I have actually seen an apparition.

We were going sledding on a very snowy night. I was accompanied by my friend Jeremy and our younger sisters. It was very windy and snowing hard. At the time Jeremy and I were 11 years old. We walked about a half mile to our local town hall hill and began ascending the hill. The 2 sisters were walking about 10 ft behind us. We were walking and talking, looking at our feet while climbing the hill. I looked up to the top and saw a ball of fire skim the tree tops and drop into the woods at the top of the hill. I was absolutely astounded. My first thought was that I had seen a meteorite land right in front of us. Before I could exclaim, I saw the lady. She was standing about 30-40 feet up the hill just staring down at us. I just stopped in my tracks and stared, my chin was probably on the ground. She was in a summer type of dress, no sleeves and transparent. She seemed to come and go. It took a moment to focus on her and even then my mind was trying to make it into something else. Only a few seconds must have passed when Jeremy said "Do you see what I see?" I forced a croaky "yeah" out of my mouth and we both started screaming and ran all the way home.

After returning home we told my mother the whole story. I expected her not to believe us but she completely did. Apparently when she was a child there was an old hotel on that hilltop and her 2 brothers saw the lady in the dress while exploring the abandoned building. She clearly remembers the day they came home exclaiming "GHOST!!!" all the way up the street. Even more interesting, 5 years after we saw the lady, my sister and I were walking over the hill one night and saw the fireball again. I think its how the ghost travels.

Jenny M, New Hampshire, USA
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