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Firehouse Ghosts

February 2006

Ihad a rather couple of bizarre events happen about three months ago in the building where I used to work. I still work for the same company, but we've been moved to a renovated garage. At the time, I worked in an old firehouse--built in the 1800's. My desk was in what used to be the main bay.

I had a co-worker who was always saying someone was stroking her hair, which was strange because I sat right behind her (we were all sitting back to back in a row) and no one was ever there when she would say this, nor would I ever notice anything at the time. She kept saying there were ghosts in the building, but I never had any experiences until after she left.

One day, I came in and was really depressed. And I mean DEPRESSED, as if I'd never feel happy ever again. Eventually, I got tired of sitting in my cube feeling all stifled up so I got up to go to the bathroom. It's always freezing in there, but I took off my sweater before I went. I was wearing a top and pants that had no pockets, which is important. I walked into the handicapped stall (there were only two, a really tiny regular stall and a huge handicapped stall.) As I clicked the lock on the door, I heard a sound like change falling on the floor. I assumed someone had entered the bathroom behind me and carried on with my business. As I turned to leave, I saw two pennies on the floor, one heads up and one tails, right where my feet had been when I heard the change drop. I had no pockets, nor did I have any cash (I don't carry cash--I prefer to use my debit card.) I picked up the pennies and went back to my desk, and my mood lightened up immediately. I told my friends at work and several said that finding change like that meant someone who knew you was trying to reach you from the other side. Perhaps it was one of my grandparents, trying to cheer me up?

The second event happened when I was standing between two co-workers in the aisle the next day. We were talking and I felt someone come up behind me and bump me on the rear, as if to prod me out of their way. I assumed it was a certain co-worker, because I could tell it was a male by the feel of the hand (I could feel knuckles and the part of the finger between the knuckle and the first joint-- almost as if they were knocking on me) and because he was the only person who ever felt comfortable enough to actually touch me, but when I turned around, there was no one there. There was no time for anyone to have bumped me and run, and the co-workers I was talking to hadn't seen anyone behind me.

I don't know if they were ghosts or what, but I felt much better when my desk moved out of that building--at least the bathroom is much warmer over here!

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