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Parramatta, NSW, Australia
March 1997

This happened to me when I was 18 years old and had just moved into an old house with 2 of my friends and my girlfriend.

The house was a bit strange and as we were later to find out an old woman had passed away in it only weeks before we moved in.This old woman spent her life in complete darkness and had actually painted all the insides of the windows black. She had also kept over 10 cats inside this house. Because of our insistence of moving in early to this house we had to put up with the smell of fresh paint. My girlfriend and I decided to sleep in the main loungeroom due to strong paint fumes in our designated bedroom. This main room had a really old fashioned fireplace that we decided to sleep beside.

The first night we spent at this place I shall never forget.. I fell asleep only to awake in some sort of hallucinogenic state with the overwhelming feeling of the walls of the room and house pounding almost in time with my own heartbeat. I was overcome by the presence of something evil outside the house that was getting closer to me as this pounding sound grew louder. I didn't know what it was only that it was dangerous and at the time I thought coming to get us. After some real mental torment I felt I was sucked up into the fireplace (which was not burning) and started to get thrown outwards into the night air. This was terrifying to me as I knew this power was out there to get me. I was in a total state of panic by this time. Just as I thought I was doomed I woke up with a jolt next to my girlfriend who was also awake and we both looked at each other and said did you just feel that? After talking to my girlfriend I found that what she had experienced was very similar to me and we spent the rest of that night huddled very close together.

Parramatta, NSW, Australia
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