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First Day On The Job

Jason Hurd, Maine, USA
February 2003

On a warm, clear night in July, I went to spend the night over at my friend Shane's house. Understand that Shane lives with his mom and grandmother in a very old farmhouse adjacent to an even older cemetery.

I had just gotten back from celebrating the opening of my company, Sundown Paranormal Investigations and Research (SPIR), and was eager for my first case. The night at Shane's wouldn't disappoint me.

Around about 10:30, after watching a reality show on MTV concerning haunted places, Shane and our friend Brandon (who was also there) got to talking about the cemetery. Shane's recently deceased grandfather had been laid to rest in that plot. As the conversation continued, Shane became visibly emotional, unusual for an immature 15-year-old (nothing personal if you read this Shane). Being 18 myself, I played counselor and coaxed him to talk.

Finally, he was able to tell me that he never had a chance to say goodbye to his grandfather. He had left on somewhat bad terms and now it was killing him. He said, "If only I could see if he was mad at me, or if its ok, or what..." I asked if I had permission to investigate for him, and he agreed, obviously skeptic.

Brandon went with me to the cemetery. As soon as we stepped past the old rusty fence, we knew we were into something. Something whispered in my ear. Couldn't tell what was said, but it was a voice. To make a long story short, we attempted communication. As soon as we started talking to him, clouds covered the moon, and the wind picked up. The longer we tried, the colder it became. It began drizzling. All at once we both felt a new kind of chill...a chill that spoke to our souls. We knew we had connected.

Finally I was able to understand what this man was saying. No, he wasn't mad or upset at his grandson. Tell him I love him and always will, and let him know I miss him, that I'm always watching out for him, and always will be.

At that, Brandon and I sensed we should leave. The moment we stepped foot outside the cemetery, the drizzle ceased, the wind stopped, the chill left us. As we headed back up to the house to tell Shane what we found, the clouds parted and the moon shined down on us. It's the best ending to a case anyone could ask for. Not only did we become convinced the paranormal was for real, Shane was able to recover and move on with his life. I couldn't ask for a better closure.

Jason Hurd, Maine, USA
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