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First Taste of Nearby Spirits

Kylie, Australia
October 2001

Hello, or g'day I should say. My story is simple but plain. I have always been fascinated by spirits and ghosts and believe, very much in them. My friend Simon and his father Gus lives with them. I tell you that another time. One night between 2 am and 2.30 am, me and my friend drove on a main road in Adelaide. Near a cemetery. When I was on the main road I was fine, happy as Larry. As soon as Simon turned down the first side street, for no apparent reason, I got butterflies in my stomach. Excitement, a little scared but cool at the same time. Where this street is, it is a dead end, but apparently there used to be children who played on the streets back in the early days, so obviously, I was feeling children nearby. So we got out of it, and decided to go around to the back, so we drove to the back of the cemetery, and felt nothing. As soon as we went down another side street of the cemetery, I got all upset and tensed, it was not funny, I can tell you that much. I was all tensed up like someone was nearby or in the car, with me and Simons car. When we got back on to the main road I was fine again. A friend of mine who is a psychic, I told her about the situation that happened, and she said there was definitely spirits nearby. Now that's what I call a close encounter of the unknown kind. And another info on this cemetery. People have claimed to see a ghost of a fireman in broad daylight marching around his tomb. If you ever come and visit Adelaide in South Australia, you must come and check it out, that's if you do believe! It's called Cheltneham Cemetery

Kylie, Australia
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