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Alberta, Canada
March 1998

My family and I were on our annual vacation down to Whitefish Montana, except this time we were vacationing with some relatives and were staying in a different area (up on the mountain compared to in the valley). My cousin also decided to bring his friend along. One day while going for a walk we happened upon a beautiful meadow with a man made pond in the middle, we saw it was filled with fish and frogs so we decided to go back the next day with our poles. I decided to rent a bike and bike there with them (they were adamant bikers so they had brought their own). We caught a few huge fish when we were told by a fishing instructor that the pond was not for public fishing. We biked back up to the condo, dropped the fish off and decided to go for a ride down the mountain. We had seen a path on the other side of the pond and decided to go on that one. When we got there the man was gone but we thought nothing of it and continued to go on our way. We got to the bottom and headed back up. It was an uneventful trip except once we had to move to the side of the road for a jeep with four passengers to go by. We thought nothing of it until it occurred to us that the path is closed off to vehicles - we had to pull our bikes through posts cemented together and in the ground, the path was closed off on both ends. We checked to see if there was any way that a car could have gotten down the side of the mountain or up the valley, there was no possible way - there were heavy woods on each side and a steep grade. We even checked the gates to see if they could possibly be opened , and there was no way. We were pretty freaked out so when we got back to the condo we asked the worker at the front desk about the path, he said that there was no way for a car to get on the path, it had been closed off due to unstable rock faces, he said the path couldn't hold a vehicle. When we mentioned the fishing instructor telling us to go away, the worker told us that there was no reason for him to say that, it was the resorts pond and all fishing classes are done in the valley at the river. Creepy huh?

Alberta, Canada
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