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Flannagans Border Inn

Janelle Nolan, Ballarat, Vic, Australia
March 2011

I was at the Border Inn Pub in Bacchus Marsh Victoria with my boyfriend, having a casual tea and playing a bit of pool. I had heard about all of these ghost stories and thought to myself what a lie.

We were there late into the night and as I walked past there old piano in the dining room it started playing. I was a bit spooked and went back into the bar, then I needed to go into the toilet so off I went. While I was in there I could hear a voice and the door open and shut but no one was walking in. Then I heard the hand dryer go off and then the power in the toilets started flickering. When I saw an orb shaped light in front of me I got up and ran out of the toilets.

I went back into the bar and told a worker that I thought the light was playing up. A few weeks later I went back to the pub with one of my mates who works there. We had to fetch a new keg from the cellar, were I once again saw the orb and felt something walk straight through me as though I wasn't there. I left the Border not long after and have not returned. There is a video on YouTube under Flanagan's Border Inn by Ghost Research International taken on Halloween one year it, is worth taking a look at but may frighten young kids.

Janelle Nolan, Ballarat, Vic, Australia
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