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Flashes of the Future/Haunted Dormitory

Theresa, Minnesota, USA
January 2001

The set up:

My first two years of college were spent at a Catholic university. I had the same roommate, Mary, for both years. We spent our freshman year in a slightly cramped room that had an outer room (a desk at the TV were here) and back room (where the beds and dressers were). Our room was connected to a bathroom, and on the other side of the bathroom was a large corner room which also had an outer room and back room. We moved to the corner room for our sophomore years. The dorm we lived in had formerly been a dormitory for the seminary students, housing young men who would be entering the priesthood. While we lived there, it was an all female dorm.

Now for the stories..

From the start Mary and I noticed strange things going on. The door constantly would creak open on its own. We would shut the door, jiggle the handle, and then about ten minutes later it would swing open about four inches. We joked about it being "The Ghost" and left it at that. Soon we used The Ghost as the culprit for any strange thing that happened in our room (little did we know!).

Around Halloween of our freshman year, we had a campus ministry meeting about "The Church and The Supernatural." A priest came and spoke to us about his personal experiences with ghosts. He said that he had lived in our dorm when he was a seminary student years ago, and that he had encountered strange things while living there. It has been a few years, so I don't remember all of his stories, but I do clearly recall what he said at the end: "I can still tell which room was mine because there's a bracket for a thermometer outside the window." My roommate and I were sitting together on the couch and we just looked at each other with dread (Uh, obviously our room had a thermometer bracket outside the window...).

Halloween passed and things didn't get much worse. There were noises and the door still opened on its own. Then one night, something very peculiar happened. It has never happened to me before or since, and I have shared a room with someone (sister or roommate) for almost my entire life. Mary and I woke up having a conversation. We had both been sleeping, and we both realised at the exact same time that we were talking to one another. It scared the heck out of both of us and we decided to keep talking until we were calm enough to go back to sleep. That's not necessarily paranormal, but it was very, very abnormal if you ask me. Neither of us really talks in our sleep. I just remember that the next day we told everyone about it because it was so incredibly odd.

The year ended, summer break, etc, and then the next fall we were in the other room. The girls who moved into our old room never complained about the door opening or anything else strange, but Mary and I continued to have the occasional unexplained event take place. We figured the ghost liked us and followed us across the bathroom to the new place. It was in the corner room that our "ghost" manifested itself more clearly.

One night I was sitting on the floor talking to Mary. She was on the couch--a day bed that was pressed against the east wall. Behind me, there were two windows and a desk. Suddenly, Mary's face went white, she looked above my head as if looking out the window, and said, "Oh my God!" I looked out the window to see what she had seen. It was late, so it was quite dark. I saw an airplane flying by and said, "Oh, that's just an airplane, don't worry," thinking she might have mistaken it for a UFO (I actually didn't think she thought it was a UFO, but that was all I could think of as to why she would be looking out the window with that expression on her face). Anyway, Mary kept staring and started stuttering, "No, can't you see it? Look!" So I walked right up to the window, pressing my face to the glass, and looked out. "What?" I asked. "I don't see anything!" That's when she replied, "The face! There was a face hovering outside the window!" Of course that sent me jumping back about twenty feet, cursing and yelling at her for letting me amble up to the window when she was seeing floating heads outside. When I leapt back the face disappeared. I never saw anything, but Mary swears she saw something, and from the look on her face I believe her.

The final event of any note occurred one Sat. afternoon in early spring while I was in the room alone. I was sitting on my bed, pondering the possibility that I might be pregnant (ah, the joys of youthful irresponsibility!). I was really freaking out and eventually started contemplating an abortion (note: I'm not preaching here, just saying what *I* was thinking, not what I think other people should be thinking). I was overcome by this feeling of intense depression and darkness when suddenly I heard a crash from the outer room where the desks were. I jumped off my bed and went to investigate. I didn't see anything broken until I looked at my desk. The crucifix had fallen off from where I had it stuck to the top shelf of my desk. I had stuck it there with a giant wad of sticky-tacky and it had remained in place since I moved in that past fall. Upon seeing my crucifix on the desk, I got the heck out of my room until Mary came home.

I transferred after that and haven't had any more encounters at my new college. Mary and I still keep in touch, and both of us still talk about our ghost that followed us the first two years of college.

Theresa, Minnesota, USA
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