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Flashlight? Car Headlights?......Ghost?

February 2003

I know the story I'm about to submit isn't really a 'ghost story', but I was close to tears when this happened! I grew up in a haunted house, it was a converted chapel, we had 23 dead bodies buried in our garden and living room... pretty spooky stuff. I've never really been afraid of anything to do with the supernatural. It usually just interests me. But last night, I was VERY scared.

I was driving home from dropping my boyfriend off at his house. It was in between half past two and three in the morning. I wasn't at all tired on the way home.

On route from his to mine, I have to drive through the countryside, single lanes, lots of corners with either hedges or fields on either side of the road. On one corner there's a run down, abandoned building. The roof has collapsed, and the brickwork is starting to crumble, but its not amazingly spooky.

Anyway, last night, as I drove round this corner, I saw what looked like a flashlight on the road. I didn't find this too strange at first. I'd already passed two drunken guys on their way home, I thought it would be another, or maybe somebody out walking their dog. Okay, so it was three in the morning, but you try to think of reasonable explanations first, don't you?

As I got closer, the light disappeared. Nothing odd. The owner could have turned it off. As my lights shone on the side of the road, I couldn't see anyone. Where they should have been standing wasn't covered by over-grown weeds, or very tall grass. I would have seen somebody if they were there. The only other explanation I can think of is my car headlights. But then, there was nothing for them to reflect on to make a small, concentrated white light on the road. Needless to say I was looking in my rear view mirror for quite some time after that, although I never saw anything!

Sorry if this isn't as scary as most of the others on here. I apologise if anyone believe's I've just wasted someone's time.

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