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Flickering Light

Liz, PA, USA
May 2003

I grew up in a house on South East Street in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. I had a couple encounters. For some reason the spirit only let me see him and nobody else in my family. That is the reason nobody believed me. I think it had a natural vibe to me or something. This is only one of my stories.

One night I was sitting in my bed reading a pamphlet for my cell phone I had just gotten. All of a sudden my light flickered for a little bit and then just went off. I was so scared I couldn't when I finally got up the guts to get up and run, I ran over to my sister's room and started crying. She got my mom up and then my mom checked the light to make sure the light bulb didn't burn out. The bulb was just fine because she turned the light on and it was perfectly OK. This story still confuses me.

Another one of my stories happened to me three times with the same ghost in different spots.

The first time I ever saw the spirit in my house was when I was sitting on the couch. I looked back and saw something standing in the walkway that leads to the kitchen. The second time was when I was sitting in my computer chair. If you are sitting at the computer and you turn around, there is a mirror that lets you see some of the stairs. So I heard a noise and turned around to look in the mirror and in the mirror I could see a woman on one of the stairs. I ran as fast as I could.

The last story I have is a weird one.

My friend and I were going around the block, me on a bike and her walking. All of a sudden I fell off my bike...It felt like something went through me. I said to my friend that we need to go to the graveyard tomorrow. So the next morning we woke up and got flowers out of the garden and went to the graveyard. We gave flowers to about three of the babies who died in the intensive care unit. There was this one baby's grave who we didn't have flowers for. I remember fondly that it had a teddy bear on a rocking horse. So we kissed it and then left.

About a week later I was sitting at the computer again and I saw a baby in the walkway to my kitchen, rocking on a rocking horse. If you have any stories similar to mine then e-mail me.


Liz, PA, USA
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