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Floating Ghost

Molly, Marlboro, Mass., USA
April 1998

Well, I wouldn't really know if this was a ghost experience but I think it was.. I usually sleep with a night light but that night I couldn't because it had burnt out..My night light is like my protection, I rarely sleep without it unless I need to. Well as I lay there in the dark I looked over to the end of my bed (I wasn't tired but I had to go to bed) and I saw this black figure. It had no details to the body,it was just a black figure standing there in the dark,it seemed to be about 5"11,or whatever but it was tall like a man..About a year later I saw the same thing..Only in a different spot,it was near my window,nothing had changed about the figure it just stood there..Then one night when I had my night light on I was kinda falling asleep,but something woke me up.I forget what woke me up but when I woke up I saw this women floating in the air,with her arms out and she was in a white nightgown and grayish long hair. That really freaked me out but it only stayed there for 15 seconds then it vanished just like that. The rest of the night I kept my eyes shut and I slept the rest of the night. That was the last time, but if anything else happens (if I see more than 3 sightings) then I will write a continuation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience.

Molly, Marlboro, Mass., USA
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