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Floating Lady

Tina Zhybaj, Kentucky, USA
April 1998

I lived in Hinesville, GA with my dad for nine months before my folks divorced in 1991. He and mom were separated in August of 90 and I had wanted to live with him so I could finish up the school year. Being a military brat, you kind of are used to moving to different states and being the new kid in town. Well, it was said that the area where my house was built on was an old Indian burial ground. My friends used to tell me stories of hauntings all over Hinesville. I love ghost stories, and I love to be scared, and I've had many experiences with ghosts and hauntings, but the most scariest one is the one I'm going to relate to you now.

It was June of 1991. My younger sister and I (she was 14, I was 15) and my friend Chuck were sitting in the enclosed portion of the back porch of my house. Daddy was asleep in the living room. It was getting to be dark and we were listening to music and talking. Then, we decided to talk about ghost stories or real experiences that had happened to us. My cat, B.B. (stood for Bad Boy), had been sitting outside with us when all of a sudden, he got really spooked. It's said that animals are really sensitive to spirits, and boy did that cat boogie through a hole in the screen window. I freaked out and told Chuck and my sister to go find my cat. I get feelings, too, of when something is not right, and they know not to dismiss my feelings. So, they went around to the front of my house, while I sat in the porch, crying. Well, over in my neighbor's yard are some really large trees. I had happened to look up into the trees...something made me look...and I saw a beautiful woman. She was wearing a beautiful flowing white gown, had long flowing black hair, and the palest skin you've ever seen. She seemed to be shining. She was gliding in the tree walking movements or anything. She seemed so real. The scariest part was that she had no eyes. And she looked right at me. I started screaming bloody murder and Chuck and my sister came running to the back of the house (they got my cat, who ran back into the house and hid under my bed) and tried to calm me down. I was hysterical. My dad believed me when I finally told him, as did my mom.

Six months later, I received a phone call from a friend of mine on Christmas Eve night. I was living in Savannah, GA, with my mom at this time. One of my best friends from Hinesville had been in a car accident on the 20th of December and had passed away Christmas Eve morning. I have always believed that the Lady in White was a warning to me that someone close to me was going to die. To this day, I can still see her in my mind gliding through the trees, and looking so beautiful. I also drew her from memory (I'm not a very good people artist, either. Just landscape) into my sketch book...and my friends that have seen the drawing think she is just as beautiful as I had described her.

Tina Zhybaj, Kentucky, USA
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