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Floating Spirits

Krista, TAS, Australia
July 2002

My father took my brother, two friends and I on the Port Arthur ghost tour.

The first place we went to was the church. We went in and had a look around but it wasn't all that exiting seeing as it was still fairly light. The church was very old and had the roof missing and some parts of the walls. After hearing a few stories about the place we moved on. We went into a small cottage and while we were in there it had slowly darkened outside. As we left to go to our next destination I looked back over my shoulder and saw through the breaks in the walls of the church weird floating balls of light.

At first I thought they were torch lights but then I realised that there was no one in the church and the balls were going in and out of walls and around in a way that it would be impossible for a torch to do.

I went to my dad who, being one of three people carrying a lantern, was at the back and asked him if he could see them (there was approximately two or three) he said no and and I could tell he didn't believe me because I had been making jokes earlier about really wanting to see ghosts.

As I looked over my shoulder one last time they all slowly faded together then went out.

Later I asked the tour guide what sorts of ghosts were meant to be in the church and without me telling her why I wanted to know, she gave me the exact same description of what I had just seen.

Krista, TAS, Australia
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