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Flush Spirit

Rachel, NSW, Australia
September 2001

At the current moment I fear that my bathroom is haunted I don't know by who or why but this is the story:

When my family first moved into the house things happened straight away, at all hours in the night the toilet would flush, the light would come on and the shower would spray on and off, on and off.

At first we thought it was just plumbing so we had our pipes re-done and had them all checked by a plumber but he found nothing. My bedroom is above our bathroom so if I look out my window sometimes at night the light is on and steam is coming out the window from the shower even though everyone is asleep.

One night when I had my friend over, she went to the toilet in the middle of the night. Bad move. Next thing I know my friend is quivering on the floor in the living room demanding to go home. Once she had calmed down I asked her what was wrong, what happened? She claimed that when she came down to the toilet the lights were on and the shower was running, but nobody was in there so she turned it of but when she sat on the toilet it started flushing non-stop and then she saw a really scruffy woman wearing "burnt clothes" approach her and disappeared. Then the hair dryer hurtled itself at her and she just ran.

Upon inspection everything was where it had been normally but no-one could find the hair dryer anywhere.

My friend will no longer go anywhere near my bathroom anymore and we have plans to knock it down and re-build it. We just hope the spirit doesn't come back.

Thank you for reading my story

Rachel, NSW, Australia
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