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Foam Jogger

John, San Juan, Puerto Rico
February 2005

Hi everyone. The story I'm about to tell happened to me in the summer of 1998, even though the events had been going on a lot longer. At that time I was working as the night security supervisor at the Conquistador Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This hotel like many others was aligned on the beach front.

This area was mostly a high volume tourist area with few supernatural incidents, except for late at night. After 2 a.m. all lights to the beach are off and sometimes things could be seen. One of the most common of events was the Foam Jogger.

The Foam Jogger is said to have been a tourist jogger who about 15 years prior had been jogging one very early morning too close to the waters edge and the tide came rushing in and got hold of him. He was supposed to have been dragged in and never be seen again. But witnesses would say they would see a figure jogging late at night close to the waters edge. Just as the tide would hit the reef and foam would splash you could see the jogger running across the beach. Many tourists have seen this for themselves and it has become a local legend and attraction.

I had on 2 occasions seen it myself from a distance from the roof of the hotel on my rounds at night, considering the hotel is 17 floors up. I thought it was strange when I saw it but brushed it off and carried on. Through out the summer of 98 there was a record of high tides coming in and with that I had gotten many eye witnesses claiming to have seen the jogger.

The most incredible sighting I had received was of a couple of tourist skinny dippers who were out on the beach at around 3 am. The girl who had seen the jogger claimed she had exited the water and saw someone running towards her, she reacted by covering her naked parts and screamed. But the jogger didn't slow down, he just ran at her and as she claims ran straight through her as he continued on. She claimed to have felt a very cold breeze come over her as it passed.

John, San Juan, Puerto Rico
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