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Following Light

Cristina Flores, CA, USA
October 2007

Every Friday I wake up at 4 am to get to work by 5 am.
One particular Friday morning on my way to work I noticed that there seemed to be a bright white light following a white GMC truck that was in front of me. For some reason this morning there was a lot of traffic and we were going at 30-35 mph in the freeway. So this light was traveling at the same speed, but erratically from side to side. At first, I thought, "Okay, this is downtown and there are a lot of pimped up cars that have lasers where the plate's are at." So I ignored it.
A few seconds later, I noticed that the light was in front of me following a old version Cadillac, maybe a 1960's version. I saw that this light was not on the ground! It seemed to be suspended in the air. I freaked, I have never seen a light that does not shine to the ground! I, then, started to notice how white it was and the shape of it looked like a star, not the five point star, but like the one's you see in the sky. I'm pretty sure this isn't a fallen star, but that's what it looked like. I slowed down and moved over to the next lane, getting ready to get off the Freeway, I saw that the light moved over with me to the next lane. It was still in front of me, so I moved to the exit lane, and the light disappeared. I breathed a sigh of relief and checked my rear view mirror. Since the exit ramp was going down hill, I clearly saw how the light was following, maybe a car length behind me. Since I had gotten out a few exits before my normal route, I was basically driving in a deserted streets at 4:45am in the morning to get to work. I didn't want to stop, I was scared that it would get in the car. Every once in a while it would disappear and I would panic thinking it was under the car or something.

By the time I got to work, it had been a while since I saw it, but that didn't stop me from hyperventilating when I got out of the car and running to get to my office building.

I see that a lot of people have feelings of fear, premonitions of evil, or comfort from these sightings. Not me, I was panicking, because I have never believed in paranormal phenomena. I don't wish to ever see anything like it, again. I'm a believer now and I don't appreciate the knowledge that things go bump in the night, for real.

Cristina Flores, CA, USA
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