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Footsteps (5)

November 2005

Ever since I can remember I have heard certain things going on around me or to me. I remember when I was about 11, I was living in Texas with my mom and my big brother, we lived in a fourplex and my mom was never home. I was getting ready for school one night, polishing my white boots that my mom had bought for me. I remember placing them on the floor in the living room, I had gone to the kitchen to get something to drink to find them on top of the dining room table, as I was wondering what they were doing there I saw a black shadow walking by out of the corner of my eye.

I remember when I moved here to California I was living with my grandmother, I was doing my homework one night and I heard very light footsteps getting louder and louder coming towards me, than I heard my name really loud "SHAWN!", I freaked out and ran to my room where my sister and brother were watching Arsenio Hall. I was yelling at them to leave me alone, but they never did or said anything to me that night.

Things like that would always happen in our house. I also remember one day coming home from school and sitting down watching TV when all of a sudden the TV went off and the doors in the hallway started opening and closing by themselves, I told my grandmother and she didn't want me coming home alone any more by myself, so I brought my best friend with me at that time and the same thing happened when she was there, she never came home with me again.

Most recently, I have moved into a duplex about 8 months ago, when I first moved in some strange things were happening. I came home one day to find that my front door was unlocked. I checked around to see if anything was missing but nothing was, I found a purple little girls sweater. At first I thought it was my neighbors coming into my place while I was at work, but now I am not sure. At night I hear footsteps all the time and the TV in my room makes crackling noises but only at night. I have always told myself that it's my neighbors walking in their house since we are really only a wall apart from each other but like I said I only hear the footsteps at night, not during the day at all.

Last week I had a gentlemen come over and tell me that he has psychic abilities, while he was in my home he was telling the the noises I hear at night are not my neighbors there's a ghost in my house. I already knew that but he confirmed it. The next day I found a girls shirt for maybe a 8 - 10 yr old little girl. It was kind of strange, there are no girls in my house except me, I have 2 boys and a dog and I know they wouldn't be wearing any girl clothes.

My 2 yr old son woke up and came to my room the other night, I went to put him back in his bed and when I did he started crying saying no mama, so I asked him if he was scared, he said yes, I said is there someone in your room, he said yes. So I let him sleep with me that night. Since than he won't sleep in his room and has been waking up crying in the mornings.

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