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Footsteps and More

Anonymous, OK, USA
January 2010

This account as written by me in September 2007.

My husband and I have 4 children. We moved into our 40 year old plus year old home last year. Since then, I have heard footsteps on the stairs (like a light-weight adult's steps) when no one is up (I will check...everyone asleep). The steps seem to stop at the doorway of my bedroom, the master bedroom.
Sometimes when this happens my border collie will charge up the stairs, run into my room and hide her head in the corner. She usually isn't like this. I have heard this several times, with no one around, all still sleeping.

I have been in bed and felt the covers "pull down" tightly on one side of my body (like being tucked into bed), yet no one is there to sit next to me. I turned over to be sure, still no one there. About a month or so ago, I went downstairs to let my dog outside. It was around 3:30 AM (this is when most of the activity happens). I let her out, left the back door a jar and went into the bathroom downstairs just a few feet away from the dining room. The dining room has ceramic tile flooring with 6 wooden chairs at the table. I heard three loud, familiar scraping/dragging noises on the tile...someone scooting the chairs under the table. The noise is very distinctive as my kids do this all the time. I froze thinking someone had come in the house through the backdoor that I left open for our dog. I went into the dining room, no one there! Dog still outside, waiting by the open door! She would have normally barked and come back inside. I saw that three chairs were pulled out from under the table.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I was sitting here at my PC and felt a hand rest on my ribs and slowly drag their hand across my back and ribcage. I thought one of my kids came up behind me. No one was there. CLEARLY, someone put their hand on my ribs. Then, within a few minutes "someone" tapped on my shoulder... again, no kids, no one. I went to check them and they were watching TV. I have no idea what is going on.

I have been somewhat skeptical of ghosts but now am open to ANY help or suggestions! Thank you so much. Also, it seems to be me that others observe these things as one of my daughters did hear the footsteps on one occasion. I am not crazy. Just a mom to four kids, go to church Sunday school, etc.

I had to put an AC unit in my room which helps to block out the footsteps. As I posted, I wrote this in 2007. It is now Dec. 2009 - Since then, I have experienced very little "activity" over the last 2 yrs. One morning, early, I woke up and saw a white mist float from my bedroom doorway across the bathroom doorway, which is next to the BR door , and fade. It wasn't smoke or steam, just faded away in a couple of seconds. It was approximately 5 feet in height and 1 foot wide.

I also did one EVP. I could make out a barely audible "Help me" on it, but still I don't have the right equipment so am not positive. Now I am hearing the footsteps again, after not hearing them for about a year. Can things like this lie "dormant"? I am wondering: my oldest daughter moved out a year and a half ago, and has recently moved back. Some of this activity stopped when she left, although she didn't experience anything weird while out of the house.

When she was 3 and 4, she would come into my room at night (in our previous home), and tell me a man was standing by her bed. Of course, I would go in and check, and see no one there. One of our other daughters (in the same previous home) was missing one afternoon when she was 3. I found her playing in our cluttered garage talking to herself. I asked her what she was doing. It wasn't her usual to go into the garage. She said she was "Playing with the man." I panicked thinking someone had broken into the garage or house, and immediately looked around. No one was there. I asked her who she was talking to, and she just looked at me so strangely, like I was crazy and said, "Mommy! Stop it! The man by the black bag!" (Clothing for the local Goodwill.)

When I told her to come inside, she turned toward the garage, waved and said, "Bye...Maybe I can play later." She never did this again, and not before or after this had ever had an imaginary friend. Just curious, can things, entities, attach themselves to people or children?? I even wondered if this is my dad who died in Oct. 2004. He did not live here, though. There was a guy that stayed here with friends for a while. He has a distinctive last name. he moved out a few years ago. I searched the death index for the name, and one woman did die with the same last name in my zip code in Oklahoma, at an old age. Sorry to grasp straws, just want to know what is going on here.

Anonymous, OK, USA
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