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Footsteps at 11.00pm

Christy, Connecticut, USA
March 2002

This sounds like one of those cheesy movies where the girl (or boy) hears footsteps and gets freaked out, then something comes out at them. Well, I'm not making this up; it really happened, and there's proof (if you look) in my story that I didn't imagine it.

It was late at night. I couldn't sleep. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. Then I heard it: CLUNCK-CLUNCK- CLUNCK, big, heavy, footsteps coming up the stairs. They sounded like boots that the Red Coats wore during the Revolutionary war, and the type that were worn in the Civil war (you'll find out why I'm referring to wars here in a minute). My dog started barking like crazy, but I know it wasn't him I heard because I would have heard his nails, and because he has really light steps. I wouldn't have heard him if it was him (our stairs are carpeted). I know it wasn't my dad, because I suddenly got up the courage to see what was going on on the stairs, he was just coming out of his room, with the same intentions I had. When he got there, he said, 'Just go back to bed, Christy.' then he left. I waited till Wolfie (my dog) settled down, before leaving. But before I left, and I'm not lying, I saw a figure go across the bottom of the stairs.

My sister had a similar story. Only just recently (this was a few weeks ago) I bothered to find out if she'd heard anything. After describing what'd I'd heard, she said, 'Yes, but it was from above me in the attic.' She described what she'd heard. Apparently, while I was hearing army boots on the stairs, she'd heard rhythmic footsteps in the attic, they were soft and came three at a time, pause, then three again the other way. She said she'd timed it and it lasted for fifteen minutes. But, where she heard the footsteps (she showed me by standing underneath where it was and pointing), that was the crawlspace/loft in the attic. No one goes there, except our two cats, but Socki was in my room and Sushi was in mom's room!

I recently came up with a few ideas of what they might be. Our house is ancient. It stood in another town during the revolutionary war (remember the boots?) and during the civil war, but it was an Inn. Lot's 'a people comin', right? Where my sister heard those one two three footsteps, it was a ballroom. (one two three, one two three. Ring a bell?) George Washington (:o!) himself even stayed in my house when it was still an Inn. He was a soldier, right? So, that might explain the boots I heard. Or, what I heard could be just one poor lost soldier that wanted to come here again, maybe see his girl dancing up in the ballroom (remember the one two three?), or the present day loft, as it is now.

But as you can see, my house has a lot of history and that isn't the only tale I have to tell. I'm still trying to find out for sure what it really was I'd heard that night.

Christy, Connecticut, USA
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