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Footsteps In The Night

April 2003

Ever since I can remember I have had to have a light on in my bedroom when I went to bed at night. If I ever tried to go to sleep in a dark room I would always have the company of dancing shadows around me, every chair or piece of clothing in the room would take on a sinister shape the would cause me to freeze from all motion. I'm nearly 50 now and my husband of 25 years has adjusted to always having a light on at night. It really bothers him but he is sympathetic to my childhood frights. As a result I am very aware of things that go bump in the night.

We had just moved into a two story home, my husband and I occupied the top floor which consisted of a bedroom, a large dressing room, and bathroom. The stairs entered in the middle so you could walk the whole floor in a circle. My eldest son 16 at the time had the room right below us and you could easily hear when someone was walking around on the top floor. Well one night we had been in bed for a couple of hours, I was still awake in bed watching T.V. like I always do because I don't like falling asleep in a dark room. When all of the sudden I heard someone walk up the stairs, and in a loud whisper calling my name. I thought it was one of my children so I sat up and replied in a loud whisper, so not to wake my husband, but no one answered. Well now worried something was wrong with one of the kids, I got up and went downstairs and check on each one, and they were all sound asleep. Odd, I thought. I went back upstairs to bed and in just few minutes I heard from the stairs my name being called again in a loud whisper, I FROZE, I knew it wasn't my kids, I had just checked on them, I didn't move I just laid there frozen and afraid to move, I was laying with my back to the door that lead to my room from the stairs, but begin to hear loud footsteps of someone making the circle walk around the top floor area, this went on it seemed like forever and I never moved.

Finally I started to poke my husband under the covers to wake him up, and the noises stopped. I let my husband sleep and just laid there frozen for about an hour till I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I was telling my husband about what happened and my eldest son walked in and asked, what was going on upstairs last night, from my room it sounded like someone stomping their way all around the rooms upstairs. He had heard the footsteps to, what a relief that was to me. I told him the story of what happened that night and I tell you we all felt pretty spooked.

The next night my two nieces came over to spend the night, and I told them the story of what happened. They were kind of scared to be alone and also wanted to experience it if it happened again, so they came upstairs and slept on the floor next to me. It was like a slumber party, excited and waiting for something to happen. We bugged my husband a lot and I guess scared my visitor away, because it never came again. Thank goodness.

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