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Forever Changed Me

Debbie, Ontario, Canada
November 2005

I have been having paranormal experiences all my life. Some that I cannot remember and some that keep happening to this day! My Mother always use to tell me that I have a special gift that not many people get or they abuse the privilege of having it. I will now tell you about what has happened to me.

Ever since me and my mom moved into our little house in Kingston I have been deathly scared of it. I have come to deal with what I see and hear and just brush it off as being nothing or my imagination. But doing a lot of research has brought me to the fact that I'm not imaging what has been happening to me.

~*The Computer Room*~

Ever since I was about 10 yrs old I would not go into the computer room alone! I would rap a piece of rope around the handle of the door knob and then secure it to the linen closets door knob. Every time I would be on the computer I would always get a sense of uneasiness and always be on edge.

One incident that still bothers me to this day is, I was awake watching the "Rug Rats Movie" in my moms room that is right beside the computer room and I was half asleep but I looked up to the doorway and there was a little boy dressed in overalls and a plaid shirt he looked like he was from the early 1940's or so, anyways he was just standing at the foot of my mom's bedroom door. I jumped up in bed and he just looked at me with a sad expression on his face and then walked back into the computer room.

Another time was when I was on the computer doing a homework assignment and I was wearing one of those phones that have a headset, I had it on my head because I had just got off the phone with a friend and all of a sudden it turned on and the buttons where being pressed. After a few seconds the computer screen started turning on and off!!!

~*My Bedroom*~

I don't know why my room didn't scare me as much as the computer room because strange things happened to me in there, but I wouldn't be as frightened.

One night when I woke up I laid in my bed listening to my radio (I always had to sleep with noise on) when out of the blue the channel when from 102.7 FM to some weird oldies station on AM and it kept on going back and forth and wouldn't stop. It didn't freak me out much because by then I was pretty use to living in a "HAUNTED" house.

Another thing that would keep me up at night were these big black shadows dancing along my walls and ceiling. This can't be explained because my blinds were the ones that alomst look like the projector screens that they have in schools and I had a huge puffy looking thing on the top and there was a HUGE spruce tree in front of my window, so there couldn't be anything causing these shadows to dance around my room.

~*The Rest of the House :O)*~

This has the be the most Frightening thing that has happened to me in my moms house, and just thinking about it right now gives me chills.

I was out on the couch watching TV because I had my room in the basement at this time and I hated being down there when no one was in the house and my mom was out with her boyfriend that night. Anyways I was drifting off to sleep but was still awake to know what was going on around me. Then all of a sudden I see a blinding white light and a (evil) black shadow come towards me and whatever it was hit me in the throat and I started coughing uncontrollably. I was so freaked out that I didn't move from the couch until my mom got home and I told her about it and told her that there was something not right about this house but she just told me that they couldn't hurt me and if it was an evil spirit to say the Lords prayer and everything would be ok.

I am 20 now and to this very day I still get weird feelings every time I'm there alone or not. And I refuse to go into the computer room (which is a guest bedroom now) for any reason unless I totally have to.

Other things have happened to me since I've been at my moms place. I see things out of the corner of my eye and when I turn my head they will be gone. but the weird thing is that if i look at whatever is there out of the corner of my eye it will stay there and i can kind of make out what it is but as soon as I turn my full attention to it, it will disappear.

There is this one Robot at work thats way back in a corner at the very back of the plant and I always see this one guy out of the corner of my eye. He's tall kind of stocky and has on the blue coveralls that everyone wears around here and he's got brown hair and a mustache and really dark features. I always see him when I'm working on the particular robot no other.

I've heard a lot of voices and screams but I just try to ignore them as much as possible.

I've grown accustomed to what happens to me. It doesn't really happen any more I don't know if thats a good thing or not, a lot of what has happened to me happened when I was younger. I guess our minds are more open to the world and whats going on in it then we are when we are older. I have a lot more stories to tell but these are the ones that have stuck in my head for a long time, so I hope that you've enjoyed them .

Debbie, Ontario, Canada
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