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Forever Friends

Vicky Zimmerman, New York, USA
October 2000

This story may be a little long, I have to give you some background first.

To anyone that has lost a beloved pet, this story may bring some comfort. Its is a true story and I'm happy to share it.

My story starts about three years ago when two out of my three cats got together and made 2 beautiful kittens. I named them Jewel and Fidget. I had kept them with the mother until they were six weeks of age and weened onto kitten food. Knowing I couldn't keep the kittens, I had given Jewel to a friend of mine. Fidget on the other hand was born with a defect, her spine was crooked, so much that she actually ran crooked. Her back legs went one way and her front legs went the other. This condition would cause her not to grow, so she would always stay the size of a kitten. Besides her condition she was a sweet animal and became very dear to my heart, so of course I kept her. She joined my other three cats, Lexy, Tasha, (who was the parents of Fidget and Jewel) and Elmo who at the time was my "Alpha" cat.

Fidget got along very well with Lexy, they would always chase each other around the house and wrestle. Elmo had not taking a liking to Fidget right away. Don't forget this was Elmo's territory and it took awhile for Fidget to gain Elmo's respect. Eventually they became friends and even played together on occasion. A year went by and I started to see a change in Fidgets behaviour, she stopped the running game with Lexy, and stopped the wrestling. All she would do is snuggle next to Elmo, she never left his side. When Fidget would eat, Elmo would stand behind her and make sure the others didn't bother her. Fidget would be cold and Elmo would put his paw around her and get really close to make sure Fidget was warm. I thought maybe she had a cold, but I just saw her getting sicker, the other cats wanted nothing to do with her, but Elmo never left her side. Finally I decided to take Fidget to the vet, thats where I got the terrible news. Fidgets condition was making her intestines fail, and were bleeding, her colon was also extremely enlarged. Knowing she had no choice for survival, I had no choice but to end Fidgets suffering.

For the next couple of days Elmo looked through every nook and cranny for his buddy, never to be found, he finally gave up, Never to be the same....

Since then I have seen Fidget on many occasions running here and there. I always had asked why is he still coming back, little did I realize, I would soon get my answer.

Some time later I noticed that Elmo wasn't feeling too well. He wasn't eating, drinking, or even barely walking. He didn't even want his favourite treat when I offered it to him, thats when I knew that something was terribly wrong with my friend. Fearing the worst I took him to the vet right away. They performed all different tests and bloodwork on him. We had to leave Elmo at the vet's office overnight, and would get the results in the morning. The next morning my fears were confirmed when I received the call from the vet telling me that Elmo was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Again, like his buddy Fidget, with no chance for survival. So once again, I ended a friends suffering. I was completely devastated by this point. I had put two cats to sleep in almost a year time span. I missed them both terribly, and always wondered if they were together.

Late one night I was on the computer when I heard my cat Lexy meowing in the kitchen. His meow sounded urgent so I got up from where I was and went to investigate. Lexy ran past me so quick that he almost tripped me "Whats the matter with you Lex?" I asked him. I looked into the kitchen, and under the table I saw Elmo and Fidget sitting together looking right at me. I turned my head to call my mother, but by the time I turned back they were gone. A great feeling of peace came over me. I told them I loved them and missed then as tears streamed down my face. Elmo took care of Fidget during life, and Fidget took care of Elmo in death. I know they are together now. It makes me happy, and its easier to come to terms with their deaths.

Vicky Zimmerman, New York, USA
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