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Four Ghosts In One Night

Kira Curtis, Auckland, New Zealand
October 2002

Hello, My name is Cassandra and I want to tell you a True story of what happened to me when I was Driving to Waihi in New Zealand.

One night I was driving to pick up my friend who got stranded in Waihi and I came across Two friendly faces who wanted a ride. I decided that it would be great to have some company, so I turned around to go and get them but when I reversed back to pick them up, they had vanished! I felt a mild chill go up my spine. I knew that no-one had passed me on the other lane and no-one was behind my car. I decided to carry on.

As I came to the long windy trail that leads to Waihi, I saw the strangest thing. There at the corner of the road, was the two strange hitchhikers I had seen before but this time they were accompanied by another person. I took up their offer and slowed to a stop but as I stopped to where they were they vanished once again!

At this point I was freaked out of my wits. Then once again I saw the three people but accompanied by another person and I saw that it was my friend who had been stranded in Waihi. I immediately pulled over to them and opened the door, but they weren't there. I thought that I was going mad, or maybe I was extremely tired and was hallucinating.

Finally, I got to the place where my friend was but was shocked to find that there were Police there. I walked over to the Policeman and he told me what had happened. He said that four people had been shot by some mad person who had had too much to drink. When he showed me their bodies I immediately recognised my friend and the three other hitch-hikers who had been by the road.

I was so shocked at the discovery that I fainted.

When I woke again (about 10 minutes later), I told the police about what I had seen along the road on my way up and he said that maybe they were communicating to me that something was wrong.

I have never forgotten the experience and probably never will.

I'd like to thank my friend Julie for recommending this site and helping me get it out in the open.

Thank you all.

Kira Curtis, Auckland, New Zealand
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