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April 2004

Hello there! I have read many wonderful stories over the last few years on this site, and decided that I would like to share my experience.

Over the course of my life, I have witnessed some strange phenomena or heard of some from my mother and sisters (the house we lived in was haunted ? but those are stories for another time perhaps).

This story takes place in the house my husband and I are currently living. After we were married, my husband's parents renovated their upstairs rooms into an apartment for us to live. They figured it was a good way for us to quickly save money for a house of our own.

Ever since we moved in there have been a few strange occurrences. The first happened the second night we were here. After we had cleaned and unpacked all day, I decided to take a shower and turn in early. My husband decided he was going to stay up a little longer and unpack a few more boxes.

After I had showered, I was laying in bed. I was turned away from the bedroom door, but not yet asleep. I heard my husband walk into the room and felt him lay down on the bed. Jokingly I said "What giving up already?" When I didn't get a response, I turned over and no one was in the room, let alone sitting on the bed. Well, that just about creeped me out and I yelled for my husband who came running into the room I told him what happened, and he just grinned and told me I was dreaming. By the way I know I wasn't dreaming, because I was wide awake when this occurred.

I also hear people walking up and down the stairs all the time, and there is never anyone on them. My husband hears the footsteps too, and even though he won't admit it, you can tell it creeps him out a bit too.

There are things that go missing all the time, and we search in vain for them for weeks, then when we give up trying to find it, we will come home and it will be there on the kitchen counter, or the coffee table in the living room. My husband was looking for the peanut butter for 2 weeks, and finally gave up figuring one of us must have thrown it away or something ( a brand new full jar?) Then one day he opened the cupboard and there it was sitting right in front of him. Finally he admitted to that being strange, because both he and I looked in the cupboard several times. I even went as far as to pull everything out of the cupboard to look for it.

The weirdest thing to happen here took place a couple of weeks ago. I was woken out of a dead sleep, and I saw a man, walking from the bathroom towards the bedroom door. He looked right at me, and had dark hair and a beard. I just looked at him, and then he disappeared. I told my husband the next day. He seemed to think at first that I could have been dreaming, but I was adamant about being awake, and he believed me.

We decided to name this ghost "Frank". I don't think he is a menacing ghost or anything like that. I think he may have just been curious with all the renovations that went on here and came to check them out. I think he is playful though from time to time because we do have things that will go missing then show up without any rhyme or reason. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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