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Franklin Haunted Castle

Virginia, USA
March 1997

Ihad this experience long ago. I was no older than 7yrs. old when my father took me to the co-workers house in the Cleveland area. We were there to pick out a bike for me, and he had a side job of selling bikes from his garage. I remember the house was in a quiet, older ethnic neighborhood across town. The ornate stone house stood out among the rest with it's wrought iron fencing, stone walkway, bit oak trees. But what impressed me most was the height. To a 7 year old it was very huge. I remember entering the house with my father and meeting his friend, as he lead the way to the back through a long hallway. I had an "eerie" feeling, as if some presence was there with us. As my father and his friend sat in the kitchen chatting for a while, I gazed through the doorway down the hall. I thought I had seen the figure of a man run across the doorway. I didn't think much of it a first, but then realized that the figure was transparent. Again I had an errie feeling, but kept it to myself. We continued out to the garage and I picked out my bike and we went home, keeping my sighting to myself. It wasn't until years later, when I read in the paper about the Franklin Haunted Castle. I asked my father about it, and he aknowledged that his friend had once owned it and that was in fact where we had gotten my bike. The castle has since changed owners numerous times, as many of the owners have seen sightings. It is now owned by a private company, and is opened to the public once a year....Halloween. It's funny, but after all these years, I still get an eerie feeling when thinking about that time, and I can still see the image clearly in my mind.

Virginia, USA
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