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Freaked Out Flat Mates

July 2002

In 1997 I moved into a flat with two friends, Sue and Emma. It was a two-storey falt and I believe was about 100 years old.

Many strange things happened while we lived there, some of which were scary and some of which were not.

Things were regularly moved about in the kitchen, often causing arguments as to who had moved this and that, where was my this or that, etc. Twice the gas on the cooker hob turned on by itself, which could have been pretty dangerous, especially as we were all smokers!

Anyway, there was a hallway which lead from the kitchen to the bathroom, my bedroom, and the living room. Then there was a stairway which lead up to Sue's and Emma's bedrooms.

It was the hallway which scared me the most. When walking through the it, you would have the feeling that there was an angry spirit, probably a man, right behind you, no matter how fast or slow you walked/ran through. When Sue and Emma were out at the same time and I was home alone, I would stay in my room until they got back, even if I was desperate to use the bathroom, because I was far too scared to venture into the hallway!

In my bedroom there was always the feeling of someone standing over the far side of the room, just watching. I didn't feel that this was a harmful spirit though so it didn't really bother me that much.

On one particular night, Emma and I were sittng in my room, and we'd had a few glasses of wine and were being quite loud and chatty. We kept telling each other to keep the noise down because Sue was in bed upstairs and we might wake her up. After a while we heard Sue stomping around her room and obviously thought we'd got too loud again. A minute later, Sue burst into my room, looking quite frantic, and said she'd woken up and there were people walking around her room. As soon as she'd realised what was happening, she dived out of bed and straight out the door, so it definately wasn't her footsteps we'd heard!

Emma told me that on numerous occasions she felt someone sit down on her bed and place a protective hand on her back. She felt quite safe when this happened and wasn't scared at all. Sue often had the same thing happen to her, but one night she felt someone pushing down very hard on her back, as if they meant to cause harm. Another night she felt something pulling her down her bed by her ankles. Thinking she was still half asleep, she opened her eyes and saw her bedroom moving past, so she new then she was definately being pulled.

One night, I had a dream that I was having a conversation with the ghost of a stern, elderly man. I have no idea what we were talking about, but there were people walking around us in all different directions, and I was the only one that could see or hear him. When I woke up from the dream, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) was right over at the edge of the bed (that was probably my fault as usual!) and I was in the middle, so there was quite a large gap on the bed between me and the wall. Once I'd woken up properly, still thinking about my dream, I distinctly felt the bed moving, as if someone was sitting there but was getting up to leave. I wonder if it was the man in my dream? I didn't feel scared at all, which surprised me more than anything!

One Saturday, the three of us were moving furniture around and whilst tidying up I came across a photo of my uncle Phil dancing with my mum. Phil died just a few weeks before this happened. I thought it would be nice to get it reprinted and framed for my mum, so I pinned it to the notice board in my bedroom so that I wouldn't lose it. As I was doing this a loud bang came from the direction of the kitchen. We all went to investigate and found a large saucepan which had been on the draining board all day, had 'fallen off' onto the floor, but it wasn't near the edge at all. Anyway, we left the kitchen and when we were in the hallway, joking around, Emma said 'Phil? If you're hear, show us a sign' and just then Emma's heavy winter coat came up off the banister and dropped to the floor. Emma and I were standing either side of the banister at the time and didn't know which direction to run! I don't think it was my uncle Phil though, he would have known we'd be scared. I think it was whatever didn't like us in the hallway.

Anyway, this has gone on for quite a while, but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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