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Freaky Sleepaway Camp

September 2000

I went to my first sleepaway camp this year for 6 weeks...and I had such a great time, except for the FREAKY things that happened there.

My camp's Arts and Crafts building is haunted. In 1936, it used to be a house to a farmer and his wife, along with 3 kids. The 3 kids stayed at their grandparent's house for the weekend and the farmer and his wife were alone. Well, apparently, for no reason, in the Jewelry room (which was the master bedroom at that time),the farmer stabbed his wife to death, dragged her down the stairs and threw her body in the basement. (The basement is such a freaky place. When the new owners bought this camp, they found an old rusty dagger in the basement. The basement's one ever goes down there.) Well, such freaky things have happened at the arts and crafts building since then. It used to be Girls Bunk 10, before the new owners bought the camp, and the staff used to get sooo many complaints from Bunk 10. They used to complain of terrifying noises during the nights. In the Ceramics room, theres some weird stuff written on the walls. Like- "We're scared, we're scared, help us!" and "There are 101 needles in this room". Just very freaky stuff.

Also, alot of people I know saw this terrifying huge 9 foot thing that looked like a skeleton around camp. They'd see it at the Arts and Crafts Building, the Dance Studio, everywhere.

A girl I know also was by herself at the Circus Pavilion and she said she saw a huge black thing come out of the woods near the softball courts and run all the way to the Basketball Courts and then disappear into the woods there.

Also, in Boys Bunk 4, a boy, I don't know his name was very depressed while living at camp and he hung himself near his bed. No one ever talks about it.

Also, one of the counselors who worked in the Arts and Crafts building said he was by himself one day in the building, everyone had gone to Snack. He said that he heard footsteps go up the stairs, turn and go into the Drawing and Painting room, and then stopped. He thought it was someone he knew, and so he went upstairs to go look who it was. He looked all around...there was nothing there.

Also, there have been other stories about faucets turning on without anyone touching them, sightings of ghosts in the windows...etc.

This girl I know also took a picture of the Woodworking Garage and there was a picture guessed it, a white shadowy transparent thing...a ghost.

I love my sleepaway camp, and I am going back next year. But at night, the strange noises I heard and feelings I got when I was laying in my bed at camp were enough to make me want to go home...

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