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Johannesburg, South Africa
February 2001

Alot of "things" have happened to me in my life span, and this story I am going to tell you, is something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

It was a Saturday night, my boyfriend and I were at a party, one of those inside/outside parties. It was quite late and we decided to sit outside on a big hump of hay, just talking. Like always I started to feel a presence around me, but didn't take note of it, until I looked to my right again, and could now see him. I still remember exactly what he looked like and I could see how he was sitting. (Until that moment I have never before seen the presence that I could feel). So for me it was kind of breathtaking. Then he was talking to me and I was answering back, I was having a conversation with him (telepathically).

By now we were getting tired, we decided to go home. We had to walk about 2 km's to the car where we parked. On our way back he (the presence, his name is Alex) kept on touching the back of my hair, in a way that said, "hey I'm walking behind you, don't forget about me". I still looked back a few times only to see him behind me. When we got to the car, he still asked me if he could ride with us, I didn't see a problem with this. Anyway I was curious to know who he was and why he was communicating with me. I asked him if he was my guardian angel, and replied NO. A few of the things he told me, weren't entirely very clear, because I asked him if he wasn't my guardian angel then who was he? But I didn't really get a clear answer.

Anyway, we decided to drive around instead of going straight home, listening to music and looking at the pretty lighting around the city. And all this time I was talking with Alex. At one time, Alex asked me to turn the tape rec up, as he liked the song that was playing, and instantly G (my boyfriend) turned it up ,G of course couldn't feel, hear or see what I was, so this was incredible when it happened, it just made the whole experience... (forget it, I can't explain it).

Information I gathered from him was, he was 18 when he died in a car accident coming home from a party. We were having general conversation, music, family and friends. I still remember how he was sitting in the back seat of the car, I remember his face and how it looked, peaceful, calm and just at ease with everything (kind of hard to explain, because it's not worldly).

At this moment my boyfriend who was driving went round a bend which came to the top of a bridge. He was driving in the right lane instead of the left (left is the one to drive in, in SA), I just thought it was maybe a one way two lane road. Alex then immediately said to me, "You're in the wrong lane". I shouted it out, and G swerved out of the way of an approaching car, who we missed by literally one inch.

Let me tell you, after this, I was in such a state, because some time before we got to that part of the city, I told G I had this gut feeling telling me not to carry on driving straight, but to take a right turn and go straight home, but instead I just told G to drive on slowly. Now I knew why Alex was with me, but still didn't know who he was.

Anyway, I did eventually at a later stage find out from a close friend who he was. When we were little we used to play together, therefore he has much affection for me and felt that that night he should be there for my protection.

I speak to him all the time now, even though I can't see him, I know he's there. At least I can put a face to his presence.

Johannesburg, South Africa
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