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Friendly Ghost (1)

Honolulu, Hawaii
March 1997

This story is not actually about me but about a family I have heard about.

This couple had moved in to a new home in Hawaii. They had a son, he was about 3 or so. They put him to bed one night and the next morning he would be sleeping on the floor. Now the couple thought this was typical for their son to climb out of bed and sleep on the floor. The boy would always be in one particular corner. So one day the father put something around the corner so his son could not go there. That night while the couple was watching T.V., they turned and saw their son walking out of the room as if he was holding an older persons hand. Just before the boy got to the door, he dropped his hand as if the persons hand he was holding let go. The boy woke up crying. By this time the couple was really scared so they called upon a Kahuna (Hawaiian priest). The Kahuna investigated and told the couple that their house was built on a night marching trail (night marchers are deceased Hawaiians from long ago). And the Kahuna said that the reason why he was always sleeping in that particular corner was because a friendly spirit put him there for his well being. Some years passed and the couple asked their son if he remembers the man? The young boy did not.

Honolulu, Hawaii
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