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Friendly Spirit (1)

Andrea Hodges, South Australia
February 1999

It was 2 weeks after my grandads funeral,and I was beginning to miss him very much. I always had a habit of running down the stairs, and had already had a few accidents. I was in fact running down the stairs when my spirit encounter happened.

I ran down the stairs as I usually did, when all of a sudden, a very spooky feeling swept through me. It was quite shocking at first, so shocking that it made me stop suddenly in the middle of the stairs. I then began to smell a familiar scent. I recognized it as my grandads scent. he had a very familiar smell, I didn't know anybody else who had a scent like his, so I was startled to be smelling it. I have always believed that a persons spirit lives on when they die, so I was beginning to wonder if it was my grandad trying to contact me. I slowly turned around, and there he was, his heart warming smile lovingly smiling back at me.

I always thought I would wee my pants if something like this ever happened, but I didn't, I felt a very warm and special feeling. he then spoke to me, and I wasn't expecting to hear what I did, he said, "I saved your life just then, you must be careful, I was always telling you off for running downstairs when I was alive, and I still have to do it, oh well, perhaps you'll remember now, remember, I do love you", and then he was gone. I couldn't believe what happened!. It wasn't a frightening experience for me, it was a special one, one that I'm very glad happened, 'cause I swear if it didn't, I wouldn't be hear today,.

*thanks grandad*

Andrea Hodges, South Australia
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