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Friendly Visit

Cindy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 2011

First off I would like to say that I am not a person that sees ghosts in every corner. I try to find a rational explanation. My husband and I moved into our apartment 3 years ago and everything was fine at the very start.

I would notice the smell of a cigar, a soft lingering scent. My husband would laugh it off saying it was a neighbour smoking on the balcony.

Now I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, each morning before going to work I would make sure the bathroom door was closed. Sure enough each day I would come home and the door would be open. I remember at one point checking the door knob, no matter what I did the door would be open. Again I brushed it off as the door was not levelled, and one day as I left for the day I shut the door and said "Please leave the door closed" and left.

I walked in at the end of the day and to my surprise the bathroom door was shut, but my surprise quickly turned to worry as I looked down my hallway I saw that indeed the bathroom door was closed and as well as all bedroom doors. I always leave the room doors open for air circulation.

I told my husband and he once again laughs it off teasing me "Are you saying we have a ghost, should we call Grant and Jason" as soon as the words left his mouth the bedroom door slammed shut. I thought to myself I can live with it; it's not so bad! We found the cigar smell stronger in the evenings and in one particular area.

A few weeks later my husband brought me home our dog and I have to say right off the dog did not like the hallway. She would follow something with her eyes while all the fur on her neck stood on end, it was shortly after that I started to hear my name being called and the slamming of the doors picked up. I would be home alone or with my husband, we would both and hear it, I decided my best line of defence was to ignore it.

Once night I was in bed unable to fall asleep when I felt my bed dip as if someone just sat down. I had not been afraid up until this point. I was too afraid to move or even speak. After a few moments I found my voice and said, "Please leave me in peace" I just kept saying it over an over until I feel asleep.

The next morning I asked my landlord who had been in the apartment before us, he went on to tell me that an elderly couple had lived here for many years that they lived here when his father bought the building. The woman left after the passing of her husband. At this point I lied to my landlord saying we still got some mail occasionally if he knew where the woman moved to.

He said he would check and let me know, thankfully a few days later he provided me with an address for an old age home just a few blocks over. I went to the home and requested to see Mrs. X - she was very kind, I introduced myself and told her I now live in your old apartment. She went on to tell me her life and time and how Mr. X died in the apartment in the hallway by the bathroom. She had come home and found him on the floor half in and out of the bathroom. She went to say in passing he was a good man his only vice was the one cigar he allowed himself to smoke each night in the dinning area.

I thanked her for her time and promised to visit again. That afternoon once I got back I opened all the doors and windows and walked around the apartment speaking to Mr. X telling him he had to move on that Mrs. X is no longer here. I asked him to please leave that this was our home know and if he wanted to stay he was not to bother us or the pets.

We have not had any issue since then but we still smell the linger of cigar smoke ever so often.

Cindy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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