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November 2005

I have always had a fascination with the 'other-side' and have always had an open mind to such things, along with a overly active imagination which never helps, but up till this point I'd never experienced anything myself, I have friends who had and to be honest it always sounded like something I would probably get way too freaked out by!

Anyway, this happened a couple of years ago about a month after my grandad passed away. I'll just give a small backstory on him as I think it explains what happened..

My grandad was always the nicest, funniest guy. He'd had a long hard working life, from starting out with nothing in the eastend of London to owning his own building firm and doing really well for himself and his family, he always joked about things, anyway 2 years before he died, it was New Years day and he unfortunately broke his foot, the following New Years day, he went and cut the top of his thumb off, jokingly he said 'well things come in 3's, I'll be dead next year' and sure enough, the following New Years day after a long battle with kidney problems he died.

It was about a month later and myself and my family, and a couple of close friends were in the Kitchen just chatting when suddenly we heard footsteps and a door close next door. (My house is a large old one, split in two, my grandparents lived in the one next door). There was no one there this night, my grandmother was also with us and it sounded exactly like he used to sound walking around the house. We all joked how he must have popped back to check up on things, which my dad decided was utter nonsense, with that a mug of tea on the table suddenly broke all by itself, literally shattered in front of us. Every other mug on the table was fine and it wasn't a particularly old mug. It was kind of freaky, but pretty funny as it just felt like his sense of humour drifting through one last time.

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