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Gina, England
October 1998

Well, I have always been aware of ghost's existence and I have had quite a few first hand experiences with them, but the situation I would like to share at this time just happened last week.

Although I am frightened by ghosts I do welcome them to my home as friends and I have always said the more friends you have the more help you get. The ghost that is currently living with us in our new home saved my daughters' life. I Had tucked my 4 yr old daughter into bed around 8pm and was doing my nightly chores. I finished the dishes and walked out of the kitchen when a bright little ball of light flew right in front of my eyes and headed down the hallway to my daughters door. I hadn't heard any noise from her room and figured she was asleep, But after the the ball of light disappeared I thought I should check in on her. When I opened my daughters door she was just reaching for her lamp but stopped and looked at me and said" I am sorry mommy I spilled my water". The lamp was shorting out and thankfully I had gotten there just in time before she grabbed hold of it. I also figure "my friend" helped me because I usually panic about my daughter but I felt so calm as I walked over and unplugged the light then cleaned up the mess. It was only after I had tucked her back into bed that I started crying about what almost happened. I am ever thankful and our friends are always welcome. And I will no longer scold them for playing with my daughters toys.

Gina, England
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