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Friends Experience

Paula, New York, USA
April 1998

This is a story of an experience that happened to a friend.

Sean and several of his friends were at this guy's house in Long Island. They were all just hanging out around the house the way high school guys normally do. They had the television going and the music blaring. There were a few guys in the kitchen raiding the fridge and making food. But then they decided that they had better things to do and decided to go out. The guy whose house it was told everyone to turn everything off before they went outside. Sean personally turned off the television and the stereo because he was closest to them. But as the group was locking the door and leaving the house someone noticed through a window that something was still on. So they opened the door again and got a shock. Everything with a switch or button was on. The television and the stereo that my friend personally turned off was blaring away. Everyone was freaked out and they started running around the house turning everything off and running out as fast as they could. Then they started yelling at the guy who owned the house demanding to know what was going on. He said, "I told you something was wrong with my house." Then someone replied, " When you said something was wrong with the house I thought you meant the roof was leaking or something!" The guy who lived there then proceeded to tell them about the other strange occurrences.

On one occasion, during a party one of the guests went upstairs to use the bathroom. Upon passing one of the bedrooms he saw a very pretty Asian woman in her teens or twenties. She was sitting on the bed dressed in a traditional Chinese dress smiling at him. The guest being somewhat drunk and arrogant tried to talk to her and get to know her, but she wouldn't say anything. She just sat there and smiled. After a few minutes, he got up and left her going to the bathroom as he originally planned, but upon passing the room again to go back down stairs she was gone. The guest went down stairs to the host said, "You have a really pretty sister." The host said,"What? My sister's not home." The guest replied, "Yeah, she is. She was upstairs. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't say anything." They then went upstairs to the room where she had been. Upon entering the room they found it to be EXTREMELY cold which was strange considering it was the middle of the summer and the air-conditioning was not on.

On another occasion the daughter in the family had her boyfriend over for the night and sleeping in the same room. During the night, he felt something constantly tickling his face. When he awoke he found the ghost floating above him facing him with her hair sweeping his face. He screamed and she vanished. When the family ran in to find out what happened all he kept repeating was, "the girl...the girl..." They all know what he meant.

On three occasions people have broken their legs from falling on the stairs. But the strange thing was these men claimed that they're ankles were grabbed, always on the second of third step from the bottom. Three men with broken legs. One man had his leg broken in two places.

According to the the guy who lives there, and Chinese folk lore, the ghost is one of a woman who died from a violent attack from a man, probably raped and killed. You can tell that she is haunting the house because there is a tree that is alive on one side and dead on the other. She targets the men in a certain family. You can't move away because she'll follow you. You can cut down her tree, but the one who chops down the tree will die in some way.

One day a group of guys had to stop by the house to pick something up. A few of them went inside to get some food and go to the bathroom. One of the guys, Felix, was thought to be somewhat of a psychic. He got out of the car and staring at the half dead tree, walked up to it. He kept walking around the tree repeating, "There's something wrong with the tree." A few guys laughed joking that something was wrong with it because it was dead. But he was serious and kept repeating, "There's something wrong with this tree." He proceeded to poke the tree with his finger, but he kept pulling back as if he received some small electric shock. Then one of the guys looked up at a window a saw a face at one of the bedroom windows when there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the house. One of them, being an auxiliary police officer, entered the house with his gun and searched the house. They didn't find anyone inside or anything unusual. On a whim he checked the dumb-waiter. He flipped it open and was surprised when he looked inside and it was bright red inside and cold like an freezer. Shocked, he let the cover slide shut. He called someone else over to look at it but when he opened it again, it was normal.

Paula, New York, USA
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