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From Outside To Home

Nicxan, GA, USA
November 2007

Hello... my (nick)-name is Nicxan, and I am 14 years of age. I want to tell you my 'experiences'--and I quote this because I'm not too sure if I believe everything myself.

I KNOW something has popped up around my house, however... I live in a quiet neighborhood--no amazing tales, and that comes with the house as well. No serious past, just a regular house. The only spirits we had visiting was a one-time thing when a friend of my family died.
Let's get to my experiences.

Lately, I have been taking up the hobby of running to lose weight and to feel more in-tune to nature. I usually listen to the song 'Wildfire' by Michael Martin Murphy when I run, and that gives me a boost of energy. However, after a week or so, I started to feel like there was something running next to me, like a horse. It wasn't footsteps, or a jogging person. It sounded like hooves. I never felt uncomfortable around this, and just took it as another boost of energy to keep me running. This 'presence' only appeared when I was listening to that exact song, and only when running. It never set foot into my house. However, when the weather got hotter, I started to stop my daily runs, seeing as how I didn't want to over-work myself. I haven't seen much of the spirit lately at all, but that's made up with some experiences at my house...

Now, as said before, the house I live in, as far as I know, has NO paranormal activity. Nothing, nada, zip. Odd things have been happening lately, which is totally out of the norm.

The cats have been acting odd--they're a little more jumpy, and when I look at them, they seem to be looking over my shoulder, as if someone is there. When I am upstairs, that's when the presence at my house really kicks in.

One night, when I was on my way to the bathroom (Down a short hall-way from my bedroom), I felt something brush against me. This didn't make me feel uncomfortable either. Now, when I'm in my room and in bed, odder things happen. Someone shifts my hair, they touch my face, and are extremely gentle. I find it off, but I got used to it after it continued for a few weeks.

Very recently, I was woken up in the middle of the night after hearing something on my night-table right to the left of my bed. It was like someone was banging their fist on the table. Needless to say, I was scared and I wouldn't look in that direction--wouldn't turn around. So I don't know what's going on, seeing as how I don't know TOO much about the paranormal, but it's definitely odd for me.

I hoped you enjoyed reading my experiences, because I enjoyed typing it.

Have a good night.

Nicxan, GA, USA
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