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From Skeptic to Believer

Cindy M, CA, USA
October 2000

Hello, I have a story I would like to share with you all. I know that it might not be posted, but just in case it does, I would like to share it with everyone that visits this site.

It was 1995 in the month of July, my Uncle got murdered cold bloodedly by 2 teenagers. I had to go to Northern California for his funeral, I have always believed that once you die, you just die. Well, it all changed the night of my uncle's funeral.

I had to sleep on his bed because that was the only room available. No one in my family wanted to sleep there. So I decided "Oh well, what can possibly happen?" So I went ahead and slept in his room. I had my 3 yr old daughter sleep with me. I was really tired and just wanted to sleep. As soon as I hit the bed, I was knocked out. Well, a few hours later I heard footsteps in the room. I really didn't pay much attention, so I just went back to sleep.... When I closed my eyes, my sheets lifted all the way up and came down slowly. I jumped out the bed and turned on the light. I looked around and no one was in there. My door was locked so there was no way anyone could have gone inside. I ran to the living room and found my Grandmother siting on the sofa looking at my Uncle's picture. I was still in denial and wanted to believe that someone had gone in my room. So I asked my Grandmother if she had seen anyone enter the room. She said "No" and asked me "Why?". So I told her what just had happened.

The next day she told my Aunt about my experience and my Aunt approached me crying and told me.." That was your Uncle Zeke, he always used to do that to me when he got home from work. He used to love scaring me at night." I felt my entire body freeze up.

Because now I know that it was my Uncle and that well, in some way our loved ones stay with us in spirit. So know I will believe ALMOST any story that has to do with the after life. I hope that if you have gone through a similar experience, my story helps you and this way you know that you are not alone. Thank You for taking the time to read my story and to all those that have lost a loved one..."May their Souls rest in Peace".

Cindy M, CA, USA
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