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From Skeptics to Believers

JoAnna, NJ, USA
July 2004

My story takes place at my friend’s house a couple of weeks ago on the first day of spring break...

My friend, Joe, asked me to come spend the night so I could hang out with him, his cousin Gabi, and her fianc? Ralphy. I said, "yes," to his request and he then asked me to bring my Ouija board along. I did.

When I got there we just hung around and talked, then when nighttime came along Gabi, Joe, and their Nana began using the Ouija board at the dining room table, Ralphy and I watched. It only took a minute for the spirit to begin talking with them each person (even Ralphy and I) took turns asking questions to it. The basic questions were asked such as: What's your name, are you related to anyone here, Joe asked "Will I become famous?" and questions like that. After about 10 minutes we heard a woman crying in the next room, Joe's aunt said it was just the TV, (but then again, she is a strict disbeliever in ghosts.)

We then moved to the living room floor so we could all touch the planchette. Gabi asked for a sign from the spirit. She told us she felt numb all over, and then she started waving back and forth. (There was also a cold spot behind her) Then she asked it to "please stop," but it continued so she repeated herself, then it stopped. Joe then asked for a sign, (I told him not to since he scares easily) but ... he did. He turned numb and he got freaked out, so I told him to calm down, then he was fine.

After about 5 minutes of questions I felt like something was watching us... I turned toward the dining room, and looked into the kitchen and saw a dark figure of a man; it gave me a little scare since I never really have seen a ghost/spirit before. So I told Ralphy to look and he saw it too, but this time it was closer... it appeared to be walking towards us, Joe turned numb and fell over because he couldn't feel anything or move his body. Gabi quickly turned on the light and the shadow was gone. I asked if it was the doorway. (To the basement) was open, and they said, "It was closed, and you have to actually get up and look to see the doorway."

We stopped after that, said goodbye to the spirit and went to bed. We found out that 7 spirits were attached to the land, and have been there since the 1600's. The people in the house were skeptics of the paranormal, but now... they are believers.

JoAnna, NJ, USA
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