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Suna Rewander, OK, USA
May 2007

My life has been one giant paranormal story. My story officially starts when I was 7. This was when I met my best friend Michael (RIP). His house was the first to introduce me to the paranormal. Nothing major, just a few harmless ghosts who liked to cause some trouble. Computers flipping on and off, tv's turning off/on, books/magazines sliding around the floor. This didn't really scare me after he explained that it was just his parents or close relatives, at least that was what he thought.

Well, when I hit 6th grade, my friends expanded and I started hanging out with my friend Din a lot. Her house/trailer, was horribly haunted, and we didn't think much of it until after a couple of months of hanging out together.

She had an old man who would change radio stations, but that was it. He was more of an annoyance than a threat. The real stuff didn't start happening till one day in 7th grade.

We were watching CMT on her couch. The channels suddenly started flipping like crazy and the remote was on the coffee table. The room temp suddenly dropped about thirty degrees. I mean like in about a second. The window frosted over and Arabic letters started forming. I was scarred half to death, and I couldn't even move, but Din somehow managed to stand up and walk over to the window. She watched the letters/symbols keep forming, and she eventually reached out to touch the window. The frost dissappeared and the room slowly returned to a normal temp.

We're never going to forget that, and to this day, I still don't really want to think about it.

My second story, happened just this week.

Kayla and I were sitting upstairs playing a videogame at 2-3am, I got thirsty and like most normal girls at a sleepover, I just decided to parade downstairs to get food and a drink. Kayla stayed sitting and I walked over to the downstairs door. When I oppened the door I suddenly felt the air catch in my throat. Something was about to happen. It was the feeling that you get when your sitting in a dark room at night, and the paranoia sets in. The only safe place is under your covers with your face covered. The only problem was, we were upstairs, and my bed was downstairs, AND the light was ON. I watched as a pale blue light started circling around the foot of the stairs, it kinda reminded me of ectoplasm, but I barely caught myself in time and I closed the door. To be honest, I wasn't even sure if the door would keep it out. But I wasn't all that terrified of the transparent half of it's prescence. I didn't feel like wetting myself until we got a mirror and looked under the crack in the door. The light on the stairs was still on, but all around the door was dark. Through the mirror I saw a pair of bright golden glowing eyes. I was terrified, but I didn't want to look away. They looked so angry. But at the same time...I lost all of my fear, and couldn't help but laugh. It seemed so murderous, but it couldn't seem to get through the door. Maybe it was my panic the made me laugh. Kayla thought I was crazy until she saw the floor start moving. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe we were both crazy, but I've never seen anything more real and frightening in my life.

Those eyes still haunt me, and I don't think they're ever going to stop.

Suna Rewander, OK, USA
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