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Erik, Kentucky, USA
June 2004

I went to a place called Frozen a few years ago, it was a good Ghostly experience. So you can kind of get my mind set I'll tell you the history, or at least the rumored history of how this place came to be.

According to stories regarding this place, it was once and Insane Asylum, but after they closed it down, they turned it into a school for special children. I am not sure how it got it's name Frozen, I don't know if thats it real name or not.

There used to be a levi on top of the hill just above Frozen. One day the levi burst and everyone in Frozen drowned, with the exception of I think about 4 people that ended up dying soon after the incident. Now this is a place that everyone likes to go to, but no one is really permitted, that never stops people though.

A few years ago my brother, Caleb, heard about Frozen and really wanted to go. Unfortunately, we didn't know where it was, but his girlfriend (at the time) Sarah, said she knew where it was. She wanted to go as well so she took her two cousins, Holly and Paula. There was five of us driving down to Frozen to see if we could see or hear anything.

We got there around the beginning of the evening, roughly about 6:30 or 7:00, after about 2 hours of searching. This place is awesome you readers should really considering going. The whole place was destroyed, it kind of looked like something out of Silent Hill. One of the buildings was caved in and run down. We went to the Gym first. This place was so huge and open, all the windows were busted in it, and the ground was so overgrown with weeds and grass, there was graffiti all over the place so this wasn't as scary as the rest of the area. We got bored there since nothing was interesting, so we found a narrow hallway with no roof that lead to a two story building. It started to get dark but still not so bad.

We couldn't get to the second floor from the front because the stairs had collapsed, so all we could do was wander around the first floor a bit. By this time we started getting a bit freaked out because sound kind of ceased to exist in this building. We all had that wierd ringing noise you hear when there is no other noise present. There was more talking around here because we would go crazy since the silence was so unsettling. We got to the back of the building and saw a giant stone slab that I guess fell from the roof of the building. It was just high enough to reach the second floor, so we all climbed it.
The floor seemed kind of weak, so we tried to spread out so the floor would have proportionate weight which wouldn't allow it to cave in.

The whole second floor was dark, and also silent like the first floor, we got freaked out and wanted to check out the rest of Frozen. Keep in mind that this place is in the middle of the woods, kind of far from any civilization, now that you have that in your head, it should make the story freakier.

Just behind the two story building was, I am guessing, the boiler room, since there was a huge destroyed boiler right in the middle of the room. This room was huge and also very open, except the Ceiling was caved in. So we were walking on a lot of stone slabs. Still being freaked out because it was a bit darker and we all had the history in our heads so it was scary, because everyone knows children spirits are the most terrifying. In this big room was a few smaller rooms to the side, most of which we couldn't enter because the were blocked off by fallen stone pieces. We managed to find one somewhat available room to enter. It was the freezer, we stood around in there for a few minutes because it was awesome and half of the wall was destroyed revealing an open forest. All of a sudden Holly got freaked out and was saying "do you hear that!?, do you hear that!?", I didn't hear anything except slight silence so I didn't know what she was talking about. Sarah said she heard it too and got a bit scared, then Paula heard it. Caleb and I had no idea what they were hearing so we asked. They told us they heard rushing water, like a lot of rushing water, as if from a levy (hint hint). I didn't hear it so I felt a bit awkward. We decided to leave this building since we got scared. By this time we were in the very back of Frozen, and all that was there was this destroyed building and a small path leading back to the front.

We were walking down this dirt path to go to the locker room that was also the dorm room at the beginning. There was only five of us walking down this path. I got a bit scared because even though there was only five of us, it sounded like there was about 20 people walking down the path, so it seems we weren't the only presence at Frozen that evening.

On our way back to the beginning we saw a small building deep in some weeds and kind of hard to see. Caleb and I (being the only men of the bunch) decided to go and look in it while the three girls were scared and wanted to stay out in the open (fatal mistake staying behind if we were in a slasher movie).

There wasn't a whole lot in the building, it kind of looked like rooms, like slave shacks kind of, nothing of interest inside so we got bored and wanted to leave. The whole time I had this feeling like we were being watched, but as a child would watch with wonder as to what we were and why we were there. So the whole time me and Caleb searched these little rooms in the weeds. It kind of felt like someone was gonna confront us about being in their rooms. Luckily we were the only people there, or at least, the only living presence. When we arrived at Frozen the sun had just set, and it was now dark. It was a clear night so there were stars and the moon was out, but it wasn't completely full (thank god I could only imagine the horror that would occur on a full moon).

Caleb looked in the gym and saw a gleam of something, everyone else (excluding myself and Caleb) said it looked like a person. Caleb finally noticed it was just light beaming on a piece of shattered glass. Then I realized the moon was behind the light so there was no way it could be shimmering on the glass, and no one's flashlights were hitting it. So we got even more freaked out. We still wanted to check out the locker rooms though so we went out in the middle of the field to see them. We only got to the entrance of the area because Caleb heard a moaning type noise that moved from the first room all the way to the last. Then I heard a noise that came from the inside that sounded like a pebble hitting a piece of tin. It was pitch black inside the rooms, we couldn't see any of the features inside. Caleb walked by my flashlight a few moments after I heard that noise, and he was followed by a mist, at first I though it was our breath because we were all freaked out and it got kind of cold in that area, but I realized that it was too much mist to be anyone's breath, and too low for any of our breath.
We got freaked out and decided to leave since it was late anyway.

On our way out we had to cross a small bridge that provided the entrance to Frozen. Suddenly Sarah slammed on the breaks and her and Paula let out a scream which made everyone jump. They said that on the bridge they saw a figure that was a bit translucent. They told us that the figure then looked like it crouched down and rolled off the bridge as water would roll off the edge of something. It took us a while to get her to move the car, so we finally left.

That's my story.
I highly recommend to whoever reads this that you go to Frozen because it's so awesome there, and a pretty decent adrenaline rush. Thanks for reading.

Erik, Kentucky, USA
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