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Full House

July 2000

My mother came from a family that deeply believed in the supernatural and into spirituality. When my mom and dad married she moved to California. Her brother still living in Arizona would consult reputable psychics and without even mentioning his sister (my mom) they would start off by saying that my mother is a medium psychic and that she is a very powerful woman. My mother told me that when we were little (me and my 2 brothers), that my dad used to get up very early in the morning around 5:00 am. to go to work. The bed was positioned to face the hallway with the door open. Before that time came when my dad would get up for work, my mother was sound asleep and was awoken by a presence staring at her back while she was sleeping on her side. She said it felt like eyes staring hard at her back like needles, she awoke to this strong presence and turned to look. She saw a small woman almost transparent with the eyes very dominant and she stared right at my mother, eye to eye, the spirit looked at my mother with anger in her eyes. My mother was horrified!! She turned her head and woke up my dad. She took a quick look back and it was gone. Of course my dad didn't believe her. My dad not having any belief in the supernatural.

At first my mom thought it was her aunt (by whom she was raised by), thinking that she was using telepathy to let my mom know that she was sick, so my mom called her long distance to see how she was doing and she indicated that she was fine. This same occurrence happened 3 nights in a row. Each time my mom was scared but tried to get a better look at her face to recognize who she was. She did not know who this person was. The last time the spirit appeared, my mom looked at it without turning away and gave the spirit the same stare back and then it vanished and it never came back. A week later her aunt past away. Then in that same month her mother passed away too. My mom was confused as to why a spirit would be mad at her and why did it come to her 3 times at the same time every morning. This happened 20 years ago. But ever since that occurrence my mom has seen different ghosts all around the house. Even in the backyard.

She saw a male spirit in the backyard late at night, he walked right passed her and she thought it was my brother but looked hard and noticed that he was taller and bigger built. She walked after it but it vanished! Our neighbor heard strange noises in our backyard one time and looked over the fence and saw a tall man walking all about our backyard. She quietly walked over to our house and warned my mother. But when my mom went to investigate the figure was gone. My mom sees shadows that form in our drapes and my dad even heard voices saying "hello?" in a friendly tone in the next room when he was all alone. My dad started to believe all this.

One time I was in the hospital for minor surgery and my mom was worried about me. She decided to take a bath. As she was coming out of her bath she looked to the steamed mirror and it read "1978" really big. That was the year that I was born. She said she felt like it was a sign that I was going to be okay and not to worry. She felt a bit of comfort from that message and she wasn't scared.

I have also myself sensed a presence near me when I'm alone in the house. At my boyfriends house, he and his father claim that they see spirits and shadows always in the hallway of the house. I have been with him for 3 years and never seen a thing until recently.

I came out of the bedroom which leads to the hallway, a dark misty shadow crossed my path and vanished. Ever since that day I am fascinated with other peoples ghost stories.

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