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Fulneck School Haunting

Yorkshire, England
September 2001

Fulneck School, Pudsey, Leeds, UK is an old building dating back to the 16th century.

Fulneck is situated in the hills between the two major cities of Leeds and Bradford. Just in front of the school is Fulneck golf course, I was a member at the time. I was playing golf one bright spring morning. I played the first two holes, the third hole tee is situated about 15 yards in front of the east side of the school. I was putting my ball on the tee when I got that feeling as if you are being watched. I turned round and noticed a pale lady dressed in all white in one of the windows on the second floor. She was just staring at me and very static. I looked at her and then looked back at the golf course, played my shot then looked back, she was gone. I thought nothing more about it and played my round of golf.

I bet you are all what?? Here is where the story gets interesting.

A few days later I grabbed the Pudsey Times local newspaper to read. I started reading the paper and got to the middle page heart stopped! The middle page article was about a ghostly sighting in Fulneck School by some of the pupils! There was an illustration on how the ghost looked to them....the drawing was exactly the same figure I saw while playing golf. I read seems the school is haunted by 'The White Lady'. She used to be a maid at Fulneck school in the early 19th century and committed suicide in the north east bedroom.....THE ROOM WHERE I SAW THE VISION!!

To this day I am still not 100% sure on what I saw, but the vision seemed to fit the story in the paper!

Yorkshire, England
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