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Furniture, Portals Fore The Dead

January 2006

The beginning starts many years ago, but will never be forgotten. I was approximately 13 years of age and my family moved into a town called Vidor down in Southeast Texas. Right away things there were creepy. This was a parsonage and my father was a minister. The unspoken rule of moving in my faith for a minister is to be outta there by the time the new pastor arrives.

Well, This one wouldn't budge until he met and greeted everyone. He was down-right creepy. And so was the missus. They never let anyone into the house to clean ahead of our arrival and so everyone was there trying to tidy up for us at the same time we arrived. My mother came and explained that the room I was to have had new bedding, The original bedding was still there they put it away at the church in the attic. I said that I wanted the original mattress. I loved a soft old mattress. It reminded me of my Great Granni's bed in the country. So they went and got the old one and returned the new to the store. I was asked previously several weeks before if I wanted a full or two twin beds. I chose full size. I was surprised that I had a choice, but it was explained that there had been a matching set of furniture already for that room, that included a set of twin beds as well, as a full size. When I saw the room I loved it. I didn't understand how the room could hold so much furniture at one time, but never asked then for an explanation.

Things going odd wasn't noticeable at first. Small things. Missing, misplaced. My cat was restless but seemed ok. Then I started to notice the red light. It was up in the vent. I moved the furniture around alot so different things would end up happening. When the pillow side of my be was underneath the vent I would see a red light glow and then blink. Like an eye. It would just be there. I told my self "all vents have little red lights". Then the door would open and shut. Every night open and shut like someone was walking in and shutting the door behind them. Then, the bed would press down at the foot. Stay that way for a while and then the pressure would release the door would open and then shut again. At first I thought it was my cat till I realized that my cat was right next to me! As long as my bed was in that position this continued. I would pile on the covers. I don't care what the temperature was, I was sweating! I put the most on my feet to keep from feeling the pressure of what ever it was on my bed sitting there. I soon moved the bed and started having other strange things happen. My Mother told me that she would find my light on in the middle of the night. I didn't like light or noise, or else I couldn't sleep. I found that very odd. She said she finally got curious and came to see what was going on. She watched me get out of my bed, stand there and turn to the light switch and turn it on and then get back in the bed and lay flat on my back with my hands folded across my chest. She said I looked like I was laid out for my funeral. This is how they laid the dead out when she was a child. Not only was that weird, I hated to sleep on my back. I would have nightmares and absolutely refused to sleep that way!

This all went on for many years. I grew up and went to college. This was in the 70's. I still to this day pile covers and anything on my feet. My daughter calls it Mommy's "heavy" foot stuff. She doesn't like it and when she sleeps with me she says she has "heavy" on her and get it off. I was listening to someone in the church talking one day and she was speaking about a previous minister and family that lived in the same house. They had a number of children including three young daughters. One of the daughters fell ill and died in the very bed I slept in. The very same mattress!!! There would be a constant nightly vigil to check on her in her bed. Talk about creepy.

Then one day I was watching TV and saw Sylvia Brown and she was speaking to an audience member who had related a story about seeing red lights that would blink like eyes. She explained to him that that was nothing evil, but the way the spirits appear to us from their dimension. I also had heard that furniture can be portals for the dead not only for whomever it belonged but others that find the doorway. I wish that I had been smart enough to look instead of hiding. I wish that I talked to who ever it was. But I didn't and I still want to be able to "see" the ones around. I know they are all over, I just can't see them.

My Mother told me years later that she also experience things in that house but refused to elaborate. Maybe one day she will.

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