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Fuzzy Black Things

September 2001

I come from a small rural town in Oklahoma. This story I will never forget. I'm a 49 year old lady, but when I was around 12 years old, I had a very real, very scary experience that will stay with me forever!

I had a childhood friend I'll call Crystal. Crystal was a tomboy, loved to climb trees, play basketball, fish, swim, and wrestle with the boys. She was 13 years old.

One hot summer evening, Crystal asked me if I wanted to go bike riding. I said sure because we usually rode around town, nothing spectacular. Anyway I got my bike and she had hers. This time she said, "Let's not ride around town, let's ride down East Road." I stared at her with disbelief, mouth wide open, nobody goes to East Road in the evening expecting to come out alive!

Too many people have encountered bad things on that road, like seeing and hearing things not of this world. East Road is the most haunted road in America!

I said, "You've got to be joking!, I wouldn't set foot on that rode if you paid me!" Then Crystal laughed at me and taunting me with, "You chicken! Your a big fat chicken!, chicken!, chicken!, chicken!, cluck!, cluck!, cluck!" She got me real mad, then I said, "Stop it!, Shut up!, Let's go!"

As we were getting ready to leave Crystal's Mom hollered out to her to babysit her 5 year old brother, Dusty (not real name). Dusty came running over to us as happy as can be. Crystal's Mom said "I'm going into the city to do grocery shopping, keep an eye on Dusty," as she was backing out of the driveway. Thinking, Alright! we don't have to go to East Road because we have Dusty, whew! Crystal's Mom saved me!

Crystal told Dusty to hop on her bike, and told me, "Let's go!" I told Crystal, "We can't go now, we have Dusty to babysit." "That don't make no difference, Clare." (not real name), "We're still going, are you going to be a Big Fat Chicken?" So, reluctantly I followed.

To get to East Road you have to go a mile north out of town, then turn right, go over some railroad tracks and about a tenth of a mile east you run smack dab into East Road. East Road is a 2 mile stretch of dirt road, used mostly by farmers.

Anyway we're riding along (remember I said it was close to getting dusk)stopping now and then to look at some dead animal, or looking at some crawling insects, or just to pick wild flowers. I suppose we rode a mile and a half down the road, then Dusty had to Pee. We stopped and waited for him when I looked back behind us and it was starting to get dark by then. I saw to my amazement 4 little black fuzzy balls bouncing down the road towards us. I told Crystal "Take a look at that!, What is that comming down the road?" Crystal looked and said, "Oh, they're probably skunks or some other kind of animal. Hurry up! Dusty! let's get the hell outta here!" We jumped on our bikes and rode as fast as we could go. I mean fast!

I looked back and those things were gaining on us. They were about a foot tall and just as wide, they looked like fuzzy balls and they were coal black. They didn't make no noise, just the noise from bouncing on the ground, like rocks shuffling.

Dusty started crying, I mean crying his eyes out! Crystal kept saying, "Hurry up!, Hurry up!, Oh! Shit! they're getting closer!" We came to the end of the road and suddenly a farmer's truck turned onto the road going north, we were going south. We turned west going back into town.

We looked back and those things were gone but we weren't taking any chances. We got back to Crystal's house very, very tired but relieved. We had to calm Dusty down, cause he was real scared, his face was very pale. I would say those black things were about 10 feet away from us before the farmer saved us.

We promised never to tell anyone about this, who would believe us? But to this day I wonder what those things were, and if that farmer saw them. We'll never know. Thanks for reading my story.

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