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Galloping Horses

Rachel, GA, USA
December 2003

To start off my story I would like to inform you that this story has been passed down on my mother side of the family.

The story takes place in the 1800's, it happened to my great great great grandfather and grandmother. This story was exactly told by my dear Aunt Margaret who has passed away years back after I was born.

I decided to share one my families personal memories so sit back relax and don't get too scared.

Years ago one of the families decided to move to Texas and went by covered wagon drawn by horses. After travelling for days, they came to a small town and saw a beautiful old but deserted home. They asked the townspeople if they could spend the night there. They were informed they could have the place.

They were all bedded down asleep when suddenly a loud, terrifying sound of horses galloping around the house awoke them. Also there was the sound of horses hooves kicking at the front door. Not believing in ghosts, Mama Fox's (Martha Elizabeth or Mattie Dyer) great-grandfather spread ashes around the home and on the front porch. That night there was the same terrible commotion of horses galloping around the house and kicking at the door. The next morning, after a sleepless night, the ashes showed no prints of any kind. They gathered up their belongings and left as soon as possible.

They apparently gave up moving to Texas.

Rachel, GA, USA
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