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Generations of Spirits

Jay, MA, USA
September 2001

I must start this tale by saying first off that all names have been changed to protect the people involved.

This story takes place many years ago, around 1991 if my memory serves correct, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. This story contains my entire family, which will be listed. Louise Farreria my mother, Russel my dad, Elizabeth my older sister, Mike my older brother, JT me, and my younger brother Kyle.

This starts out with a very sad experience.

Early in 91 my great grandmother (vough-vough to my siblings and me) died at a ripe old age of 82. I do not know much about her because I was pretty young when she died. She was a widow for over 20 years. After her death there was no one to accept the farm. No one but us.

We inherited the farm after everything in her will was squandered away, and we moved in no more than two weeks after her death. It took a week or so to completely move in as my parents worked and only moved a little bit each day.

I remember the first day I was in the house since vough- vough's death, which was the day we moved in. My cousin Brandon and his family came over to help us move in. We both, being pretty young at the time, decided to scope the place out. The place spooked us a bit as we were young. I should have taken heed then but I am afraid I did not realize what a feeling like that deep inside you actually is.

She was, like I said, very old when she died and you could tell by the house. The house was amazingly clean (the only thing she had to do being alone in a house) and all of the furniture was very old and sheeted with a plastic covering. It was very still, I recall nothing moved around, it was almost freakishly quiet.

After moving in everything went normal for the first two months or so. We were settling in as families do and we were still adjusting to the new environment. We had many acres of land, about six or seven I suppose, so us kids could look around for long periods of time without getting lost. It was like I said a farm so there were fields along the place, but one in particular. This field was overgrown much more so than all of the others, and it is here my story begins.

We used to have dogs then, long dead now, and they never liked this place from the start. They were very slow and never happy like they used to be. Once our lab Jake bit my sister, which is something he'd never done before.

I think now the thing that spooked them was that field. It had the same effect on us kids. You know how kids get everywhere on your property?, well us kids never even set a foot in that field unless we were with someone.

One by one all of us in the family were called into the field. It started with Elizabeth, she got the brunt of everything that went on here, and she got called out first. In the weeks that passed we all got called out more than once into that empty field. Every time one of us was called we thought it was our grandparents, still alive, or our parents, but they would only find us standing all alone in an open field.

Then things started to happen to Elizabeth. Every night she would sleep with the TV on and door closed, and every morning she would wake TV off door open. Another odd thing that happened was this. My vough-vough's husband voogh-voogh died in that house. In fact he died on one of the couches that still stood in that same parlor at the time we moved in. He died holding his sons hand in his house. Anyways one time I was up late watching Saturday night live in our parlor. Well being young I fell asleep directly across from the other couch. Some time past midnight, I know this because Saturday night live only started at midnight. Well I awoke by a sudden chill and what I saw then I will never forget for as long as I live.

Directly across from me on the other couch was a man. He was a bit hazy but still visible. At this time I froze. In fact I can say without any dignity that at this time I actually wet myself. At this point he turned to me and I didn't really see a face per say but I did see one thing really important. When he turned I noticed something glint on his shirt. I then ran as fast as I could toward my parents' bedroom screaming at the top of my lungs. They cuddled me and told me I was dreaming. In fact they were a little upset that I wet the couch. Then I told them about the glint I saw and the mood suddenly changed. My dad got a picture book and showed me one of the pictures. He said it was voogh-voogh. I told him I didn't know if that was the man's face but I did point out he wore farmer overalls. And in the center was a little mettle clasp.

Some of you might call me a liar but believe me if you will I don't much care this is just an account I am relating. After that things started happening to Elizabeth one night pretty late she woke to go downstairs to go to the bathroom. While walking down the hall she said she saw a baby crawling on the floor. It apparently crawled right on past her and through a wall. Elizabeth almost had a panic attack. She was shivering fiercely and talking to herself while we tried to talk to her. To this day she denies none of this, instead she defends it fiercely. Anyways after this she decided to find out who this was.

Going through the family tree and such she found out it was our great great great uncle or something like that, that died long ago as a toddler from pneumonia.

I would like to say that this was the end of it but it is not. The story goes on for many many more pages but I cannot write it here it would take a very long time. If you want to hear the rest you can email me and if the responses are plentiful then I will write a sequel to this story.

Jay, MA, USA
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