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Gentleman Phantom

Bonjok, MA, USA
July 2007

I am what some people call a "grave stomper," a grave stomper being someone that likes to walk around cemeteries and see what energies they can feel and any possible anomalies that they can record by photograph, tape recorder or video camera.

I do at times walk through cemeteries holding a tape recorder hoping to capture any strange noises and most exciting of all phantom voices. I also take random photographs of the cemetery hoping to capture some paranormal images.

Although I have had several experiences in various cemeteries over the years I wish to relate one experience in particular.

When I am walking through a cemetery I often pray a certain set of prayers to bring peace to any restless spirits that may be wandering the cemetery.

This particular cemetery is in Norton MA. and it is a modern cemetery in design meaning that is completely flat, no shrubbery or trees. In other words I could see if there was anyone else in the cemetery. On this sunny Sunday morning I was walking through the cemetery and praying too bring peace to any unsettled spirits there. After about 15 minutes of my praying I heard foot steps behind me. I turned and saw no one else in the cemetery so I turned around and went back to my verbal prayers and the footsteps started up again. This time I turned around and looked down and saw shoe prints in the grass. I say the shoe size was about 10 -11 so I say the spirit was male. I told him I didn't mind him following me around the cemetery but he could not follow me out of the cemetery. That said I went back to praying and walking for another 30 minutes all the while the sound of footsteps following me. When I was finished I walked to my car which was parked on a tar driveway the footprints followed me to the edge of the driveway and stopped. Whoever this curious casper was he was very polite and just simply curious of me. I didn't mind his company at all since he was a gentleman and didn't harass me and heeded my request not to follow me out of the cemetery.

Bonjok, MA, USA
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